Friday, February 26, 2010 I love it!

So..I placed a bid on a "Wiccan Mystery lot" a whopping $.99 plus like $5 for shipping..I won, and OMG look what I got! I am thrilled and will definately go back for more!!

This is my "witches box" that I put all my supplies in..                                                                                   
   It came in these beautiful little draw string bags, aren't they pretty?                                                        

Strawberry and coconut incense..mmmm       

A couple small candles, so cute!

Bergamot..oh it smells so nice!

Marjoram..No idea what that is! lol

Nutmeg..sounds familar :)

Some tiny but beautiful stones..I'll have to look up what they are this weekend..

Pendants of some sort..

color Magick cords..I have no idea what they are used for..but I'm sure finding out!

This was a most wonderful surprise to get! I was so happy to open all the little bags to see what was inside. I am now somewhat stocked up on tools, Maybe I can do something with it all soon! Look out enemies..I may cast a spell or two (insert evil cackle here) 

I also finally completed my Once upon a time tag set.. I am so happy with the way it turned out.. I'm listing it on ebay, here's a link and a photo..ebay                                                            

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More fun I'm getting into!!

I am not feeling so good today, so I decided I'd check out some more blogs real quick...
Here are some more giveaways..check out the wonderful blogs too!

mariasstudio for more fun!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At least Monday is over!
I am checking out more giveaways.. I am addicted to blogs! I admit it. There could be worse things to be addicted to..scrapbooking, blogs..those are my vices.. It's all good. :)

So here are some more links...lovely blogs! I love all the great ideas..

sweet designs by cheryl



                                                      They make me want to spend my life at home scrapping! Of course I       can't but someday..when I am retired maybe.. Ugh...
But enjoy these blogs :)

Last night dinner was Mc-d's...I had six nuggets and maybe half my fries for a total of 14 points.  My total points for the day 23! yay!! I earned a couple for working out also, just not adding them in. ... I guess that's not too bad, although it was carbs.. I just can't give them up. I have cut back a lot, but it's our lifestyle I suppose. Easy and fast is what we get. I live with that. I think my muscles are finally starting to figure out this workout thing isn't going away, so they may as well adjust to it. Woohoo!...
Today's plan is  Raisin Bran Crunch for b-fast  3 points
Carrots 1 point
Lunch- More roast beef leftovers 4 points and a side salad 2 points=6 point lunch
Good start I think.

Oh! My mother in law also got me some Passion Fruit drops. She saw it on Dr. Oz..It is supposed to be a great supplement. Here is some info on it from "howstuffworks".. I can't wait to see if it works.  "Passionflower has been used for anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, epilepsy, and other conditions of hyperactivity, as well as high blood pressure. Passionflower also is included in many pain formulas when discomfort is caused by muscle tension and emotional turmoil."  Thanks Mrs W!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's a new week!!

I have started off on the right track.. I have been off my plan for a week or so, off and on.. and have gained a few pounds because of it. But...
I weighed in this morning and am down five pounds!!! I weight myself last week and was higher than my starting weight, and now I am back to below my lowest since starting!! woohoo!!!!

So, I decided I would make my own diet plan, with a combo of Weight Watchers and Biggest Loser.. I am going to use the point system of ww and the low carbish and high fruit and veggie-ish of BL. Soo...that being said..
I get 25 points per day..
Not too bad.
I am not really prepared to start this week as I haven't gone shopping, but I will do my best to stay on track. I am not going to snack as much as I used to as I have found this leads to nonstop eating!

B-fast Raisin Bran crunch  1 cup with skim milk 3 points
Snack- Triscuits  2 points
Lunch- Roast beef leftovers 4 points

Tons of water!!!

going to hit the gym again today..

Sounds like a good start to me :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kitty in my house! and my latest scrapbook layout

So, last night..I was making dinner... in the dining room, scrapbooking..minding my own business.. of course.
I hear a meowing at my window. Of course Lacey is walking by and hears me say "there's a kitty outside".. being the curious kid she is, she opens the door to take a peek.
The cat runs inside, down the hall. The dogs are freaking out, barking and trying to get her. Thank goodness there was a newly installed baby gate to keep them out of the kitchen..
The cat is terrified, bolts to my scrapbook area, where of course I have papers and ribbon and various items strewn about.. She runs across the table, up onto the kitchen counter and onto my stove! All before I can think "what a pretty kitty"
By this time the whole family is in the room, trying to wrangle this totally upset, panicked cat that is running on top of every thing in my kitchen. She has her claws out and as I grab her, she bolts and Lacey grabs her, she gets scratched, drops her, Josh grabs her, gets bit, drops her.. finally I grab her by a leg or maybe the tail, Idk at this point.. Im just trying to get this struggling, kicking, biting, clawing thing out of my house...
We finally get her out and she gets right back up in the windowsill..and meows!
She was a pretty kitty after all.. We make a trip to the neighbor to make sure the kitty has had her shots.. yep..we're good :)

I just listed my latest creation on e-bay..check it out here love pages

check out this artist! she is amazing..I have always wanted to be a princess..maybe she can make me one :) exploringeve.deviantart

Thursday, February 18, 2010

She makes me want to cook something!

I love this girl!! she is so cute and her pup is adorable. She always has the most yummy pics for us to drool over! Take a peek!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

disappointment and giveaways

I went to a new back dr and got the answer I did not want. There is no magic wand to fix me. He really said that. lol. I just want to know I am not going to be crippled and bed ridden in a few years. No such luck. I am told to remain as active as I can, don't give up and hopefully it will not progress as much. *sigh* Well...I'm not going to let it get me down (very much) and keep pluggin along. The new pink gym digs will help my spirits anyways. They do make me smile :)
I am jut disappointed to realize that I have something that will not go away. It may get worse, but not go away. It's discouraging. But I won't give up. Maybe I can get massages once in a while..
I happened upon this giveaway, and had to enter. I love vintage items. Maybe it's because my mom had a ton of these things and didn't do anything with them. I wish I would have kept more of her things. There just wasn't time to go through it all. I cherish what I do have though. side tracked... Here's the link to Robin's egg blues giveaway..robins egg giveaway 
I found another giveaway! A scrapbooking one this time at Linda's Crafty Creations.. Here's the link lindascraftycreations
I had to enter this one too!!

Another one from Fern's Creations..This one is awesome blog candy

\the greetings farm giveaway from A Latte Inkin fun im-farmer-blog-candy
And another from mydesertcottage for 500 followers!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day, and loss of a little one

I've been gone a few days..Sorry bout that...we've had a few things going on around here.
Valentine's day was great. The girls got cute lil presents and Valentines. Hubster got an authentic chinese outfit something or other. He has wanted one for a long time so the love fairy got him one. (the beany looks wonderful with it, dontcha think?)  He spoiled me of course, pink gym bag, pink gym shoes, water bottle, roses, oh and a pink build-a-bear with silk jammies and fairy wings. Here are some pics..

There has also been a loss in the family. Our neice lost her baby boy at 23 weeks. He was born and lived about five minutes. His name is Trian Orlon and he was buried today. The family has really pulled together and supported each other. It is a hard thing, to lose a baby. He would have been the first boy since hubsters was born. *sigh*.. but little blessings come in little ways. It was a cold, rainy day, pretty fitting for a funeral, goodbyes were said, and now healing for K can begin.

                                                                                                                                                                Do not stand at my grave and weep                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle Autumn's rain.
When you wake in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something I dislike at the moment

I'm sure I'll get over it but...
I'm visiting new places, new stores, new spots..looking for that something to call out to me.. I am searching for books on paganism, wicca, celtic knowledge..etc... I am looking for tools to make my very own area mine. I know it is not "mainstream" but for godesses' sakes! I have noticed in the several stores new and used books, that there are vast, indefinite, unending rows and isles of LDS information, books, etc etc...
Then I find their idea of "new age" or  "spiritual" books pertaining to what I think I'm looking for..and guess what- one, maybe two books! That's it! One store I went to, I hate to share, but I have to.. They had a section,- they called it "Wicca" and guess what? One book..guess what it was- The Salem Witch Trials! Are you kidding me? I laughed out loud. The poor little man running the store probably though I was a crazy witch. tee-hee :)
I am disheartened, and discouraged with what I am seeing. I know where I live, it is the dominant religion, but seriously? How is this not, I want to say discrimination, but I know that is not the right word. *sigh* I've looked for stores in my area, my whole state, there are four or five- in the whole frekin state! I suppose my ability to just "happen upon" my special artifact that calls out to me, will just have to be traveled online. I just have a hard time accepting this, I want to be able to feel, to touch, to have the aura of the items speak to me.
I know I am whining. I know I'm looking for something that just can't be found here. I have to accept it. But I just wanted to vent.

I also just wanted to share an inspiring blog. I have been reading her blogs and I just love how she deals with life. She reminds me so much of my sister *smiles*  She has been on a journey of losing weight with Weight Watchers, and has very very great posts and ideas msbitchcakes , check her out. She is a doll!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 ways to annoy a Pagan

I got this from a group I'm in on cafemom..I got permission to post it here..Thank you kickbuttmama!

10. Sayyyyyyy, is that a Jewish star?

9. No, then you must listen to Motley Crue, right? Not that, either? I know, it's a ... a ... Pentacost, right?

8. You guys really worship the devil, huh? Cool, I, like, listen to Black Sabbath, like, all the time, dude.

7. Oh, you're a Witch! I'm like, totally into, like, Goddess Consciousness. I sleep with a crystal every night, and have an Atlantean spirit guide. Will you teach me all the secrets of your religion?

6. I hear you Pagans do all your stuff in the nude. Wanna show me?

5. You will all burn in Hell. The Goddess is really Satan in drag. You don't believe in Satan? Boy, does he have you fooled!

4. Fascinating. I'm a sociologist; may I study you as a phenomena?

3. Do you really believe in all that nonsense?

2. You worship the Goddess? Poor thing; you obviously haven't heard about Jesus. Here, let me tell you...

And (drum roll, please):

1. You're a witch, huh? Well, I'm initated at a higher level than you. I was initated at the age of seven by my grandmother, who was the last of the Atlantean Trad Elvish Ninja Masters. I don't suppose YOU have any lineage.

Just wanted to share :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ahh kids!

I'm just sitting here..watching hubster play golf on the Wii...listening to the kiddos play um..idk what they are playing. I see a dollhouse, and a littlest petshop setup something or other.. Here's the convo...
"dad can you open this?"
"you can't just pick this,, there is a house and I hate this big house!"
little humming sounds
"Put that in the basket"
"I get this house you get that house.."
CRASH as the big house falls over..
Littlest picks it up and they move on
"What is this?"
"its a dog, duh!"
" I get to pick four things"
giggles and more giggles..
nothing stops them. lol
gotta love em.. Right??

American Idol time, Yay mommy exercise with Biggest loser time!!


I have found so many new blogs and friends lately, so I thought I would share some with you!!

the-feathered-nest giveaway

I love the giveaways!!! There are so many friends out there to find and share with. I can't wait to meet you all!!

I think I may get my "mojo" back and write some more...I just need to find where I saved my stuff...With all this new positive energy, I feel like I can focus more on my story.. and knowing tons more about "other wordly things" it just may be a great book..I suppose we'll see sometime..I know it takes time, but I do still have my partner (she knows who she is) to push me along, give me ideas and just be there when I hit the wall again. Love you sister!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Patience is a virtue? weigh in today..down one pound..Still not back to what I was before last week, but at least it moved the other way. I'll take it if I have to! I'm not at all happy at this slow progress, but I've heard it takes time..What else have I got? I'll keep trudging along, eventually the scale has to budge. I can feel those lacey, silky, cutesy undies calling my name! They will just have to wait till I can wear them without them getting lost in the squishyness.
I went for my walk during half-time of the superbowl.. took a couple pain pills and off we went. We walked for about 20-30 minutes, but it was freeeeezing so we had to come back, since the brilliant mommy didn't grab a jacket. But I got a walk in, I  felt much better..

 I decided to do my Biggest Loser dsi game for a bit during the second half. So I pull out my pink yoga mat, ball and weights and get to it.. I did the warm up, the circuit program and it lasted the whole second half, I'm not sure how long that was.. By the time I was done, I was sweaty and feeling great!

 Lacey decided she wanted to exercise, so I made her a profile and she got started..she giggled most of the time, but it was fun to watch her have a good time. Hopefully I can remember that I have these great workout routines right in the palm of my hand...They definately are for fat people.. lol..but hey..Im a fat people, so it works!

I was also able to finish my scrapbook is on e-bay now!! yay..hope it sells.. here's a link.. valentine layout

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy weekends, Oh how I love them

Not much going on today.. Yesterday was pretty much the same, went Valentine's Day shopping for the girls. Watched tv..did dad's taxes..Did a little planning on our summer vacation this year..we are going to go do Cali, Disneyland, Seaworld, the zoo, the beach Yay!! and more..we are taking over a week and I can't wait! Mom and Dad W are going along and it will be awesome!!
Today, lounging in jammies, laundry..playing Wii and some football game... lol  superbowl! Can't wait for the commercials! My fav part. Oh and of course the food..
Hope to get a walk in today, I just feel like it today..hopefully my back will allow it.. I found my backup pedometer, so maybe I'll get that going again. It's not as nice as the one I lost, but it will do until I get fundage to get a nice one again.
Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Im a cheater!

I just had to share...I downloaded some more books to my ipod last night..I decided to find some classics, since I've never been much of a reader, but movies always mention

I got Jane Eyre  sounded like a great story copied from wikipedia :The novel goes through five distinct stages: Jane's childhood at Gateshead, where she is emotionally abused by her aunt and cousins; her education at Lowood School, where she acquires friends and role models but also suffers privations; her time as the governess of Thornfield Manor, where she falls in love with her Byronic employer, Edward Rochester; her time with the Rivers family at Marsh's End (or Moor House) and Morton, where her cold clergyman-cousin St John Rivers proposes to her; and her reunion with and marriage to her beloved Rochester. Partly autobiographical, the novel abounds with social criticism. It is a novel considered ahead of its time. In spite of the dark, brooding elements, it has a strong sense of right and wrong, of morality at its core.

also..Madame Bovary: copied from wikipedia:  The story focuses on a doctor's wife, Emma Bovary, who has adulterous affairs and lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of provincial life. Though the basic plot is rather simple, even archetypal, the novel's true art lies in its details and hidden patterns.

I can't wait to listen to these books..
I also downloaded some romance novels

Insatiable copied from Barnes & noble With her passion for fine food and, above all, her appetite for love and life, Gael Greene traces her rise from a Velveeta cocoon in the Midwest to powerful critic of New York magazine. Love and food, foreplay and fork play, haute cuisine and social history—all become inextricably linked as the author lifts the lid on her most provocative subject yet—herself. Along the way there are tales of her saucy erotic adventures and intimate portraits of the culinary icons of our time—Julia Child, André Soltner, James Beard, among others—and revealing dissections of New York's legendary "in" spots, including Elaine's, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Odeon, and Balthazar.

And another Lady Chatterleys lover from wikipidia The book soon became notorious for its story of the physical relationship between a working-class man and an aristocratic woman, its explicit descriptions of sex, and its use of (at the time) unprintable words.
Sounds like my kind of book!!

And lastly The lost Prophecies :The Black Book of Bran is an ancient book of prophecy written by an Irish sixth century monk perhaps similar to Nostradamus, that foretells disasters or murders

so I have alot of listening to do.. I can't wait to get more.. I'm addicted now!
Also, I will feel more educated as I never really cared about the classics before, they may come in handy while I visit some upscale high society function someday! (Right) lol


So today I woke up sore and cranky..maybe some chocolate mousse yogurt will help..
Last night I was cooking dinner and had some visitors, so I had to take a pic
Sasha trying not to be noticed..                                                                                                                 
Max telling her " I hope she drops something"                                                                                           

Then I get to work and someone had tipped my bamboo plant over and water was spilled everywhere, luckily my mouse and phone still work.. 

Todays plan: yogurt and grapefruit for breakfast: 200 calories
Banana for snack 60 cals
Lunch: Lean cusine, turkey with stuffing and apples 260 calories
Dinner to be determined :)
going to hit the gym again, this will be four days in a row!!                                                                          
woohoo!! although my bum is sore from riding the bike yesterday, will have to try something else today. my back is still killing me.. made an appt with a specialist for two weeks.                                                         

Not much else going on around here....
I do want to find some of this...Shared by fellow blogger Jodi @ justanotherweigh   I will need to go on a hunt to get some..looks nummy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Page helpers

I just wanted to share my pics of the page helpers I made and posted on e-bay..
They are photo mats and a label..

Photos of muh stuff

I thought I would share pics of the pouches I made for my tarot cards and my crystals..
The Tarot card pouch is pink satin inside and black velvet outside, it's hard to tell from the pics..
Oh and don't look too close, Im not a very good seamstress!
Almost done...
Finished pouch and the charms I used, butterflies, sea shells and fairies
Crystal pouch in progress
Finished pouch!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's official

I need a new pill
Mine totally exploded and broke in my purse..pills all over.ugh!

Today's plan

Well..I found these new drinks that I love, they are Cascade Ice and the whole bottle is only two calories! yay!!! They are sparlking water with real juice. yummy!!! I have some yogurt and a salad for lunch. I started my new workout routine yesterday with my gym buddy.. with some confusion as to what the exercises were, I decided Im googling them today.
I am calling my dr today for sure to see if I can get shots or something in my back, I just can't handle the pain when walking anymore.. It's rediculous, I am not old enough to feel like that. lol..but the pain meds aren't helping that part of my pain, so I'm off to find another option..hopefully..
I finished my pouches for my crystals and tarot cards but can't find my cord for my camera, I will try to upload them tonight. I am so not Martha Stewart, but my treasures have homes now, that were made with love :)
Lacey had a great week, her teacher even rewarded her with a book from the book fair! We were pretty proud of her, let's hope she can keep it up. She is a little behind on her reading, but I'll just keep cramming books down her throat lol.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I love this blog!

I have to share a fun blog I've been following..
She is so witty, always has fun giveaways, recipes...She is currently giving away a Retro Betty Crocker's classics recipe set. I entered of course, just because it would be a fun thing to add to my collection of recipes!
go check out her blog, its tons of fun, I hope to have that much fun someday!!


UGH! I had my morning weigh in...up 4 pounds!! It couldn't have been the popcorn and naches at the hockey game, or the Olive Garden for Josh's b-day dinner..or the sloppy joe last night... or the fact I drank practically no water all weekend...nope..
Oh well..It's Monday.. start over..fresh week..*sigh* it's very discouraging but Im going to up my weight in the gym, so we'll see what happens..
Im not going to let it get me down.
In the mean time, here are some cool pics I took while driving yesterday..