Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Since I'm addicted to books

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bike Ride

I went on a bike ride with my girls Sunday morning. We decided we would ride until we just couldn't anymore. I think we made a total trip of about four miles, which at the time, seemed like waaaay more. It took us almost an hour and a half.

For some reason, my feet don't meet the ground when I'm on my seat. It is all the way down, btw. :)
I have determined I need a double cushioned seat and padded pants! My ass was sore from the moment I got off!

It still hurts like hell. But the ride was worth it. We had a blast and enjoyed mommy-daughter time.  It was quiet and not a lot of traffic, which is normal here on Sundays.

That was pretty much my work out for the day..well, that and grocery shopping!

I don't think I will be getting back on a bike any time soon. I would have thought with all my extra padding, I would be fine..but apparently "that" area isn't protected :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Practical Magic Blog party!

Saturday, September 25, 2010Practical Magic Blog party!

Today is the day!! I love this movie!! I am pretty sure I wanted to be a witch after seeing it..even back then!

I have not had as much time as I wish to dabble in the craft, or learning about it.

I have collected many books and things to aid in my journey, but haven't quite mastered it.. I will work on that.. This may just help me get going.

I started my own Book of Shadows.

I altered a Journal I purchased from a book store.

I added some cute witchy stickers, some stamping and some ribbon. I wrote out the wiccan rede on the first page to remind me what it is all about.

 And thanks to Jaz @octoberfarm I can add some love spells! I won this beautiful velvety spell book a few weeks ago!!
 I can sit in my "witchy room" as my hubby calls it..and practice, learn and just be at peace.
Check out the other great things other blog party goers are doing here at the Practical Magic blog party

Have a great day

Blessed be!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fit Fridays!!

Yay It's Friday again!!!
I am getting ready for a realllly long weekend, woohoo!!!

so far this week has been great. Other than headaches constantly, I feel pretty good.
We had great workouts this week, and even at the rec center, I did a little more than usual. Just kicked up the resistance and added a couple more minutes and reps to each thing I did.
I can use heavier weights without hurting myself, and do more reps, I think my body is starting to respond to the routine.
I have lost another pound or so, making a total since I've started this new diet and routine to four pounds.
I didn't lose any last week, so in three weeks, four pounds is ok. I have lost an inch on my waist, meaning the flab is going somewhere, right?

I had a few fourth graders tell my youngest, her mom was so pretty.. that makes a mama feel gooood!

Eventually all this is going to pay off. Isn't it?

I need ideas for core exercises. That is where most of my jiggly parts are...but having a bad back, it is hard to do some of the things I see out there..any suggestions?? I use my ball, I do crunches. I do the superman thingy while laying on the floor..(that is hard to do while laughing btw).. I do the bicycle. I use the machines at the gym, but I need more ideas.. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yet another...rejection

How do you deal with rejection?
In life..On the scale.. In writing.. In love..friendships and jobs.. there are many ways people are rejected.
How do you deal with it?

Say you get ignored, rejected, told you'rejust not good enough??

Do you run sobbing to the bedroom and throw yourself on your bed, covering your head with a pillow?
That sounds good to me!

Do you put your big girl panties (or boy shorts) on and move on?
Keep trying. Keep struggling. Continue to slave away at the work that you feel is good enough, even better than some?


Just another day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fit Friday

Yay it's Friday!
Just to recap the week..
I have tried so hard to stick to the diet. I only cheated a couple times and had a salad or an animal cracker. So not horrible.
But I haven't lost weight. None.
what am I doing wrong?
I am drinking my water.. all 100+ ounces..
working out. Getting the resistance. Doing the cardio.
I will give it a few more days..Maybe it's the muscle working.
Could they be preparing to burn all my fat away and find the skinny chick inside? That would be so sweet!

Today's tip is from
Making Cardio fun!
I don't mind cardio. I hook my ipod up, crank the volume so I am oblivious to the world and go..

Part 1

How Can You Make Cardio Fun?
To begin you must first obtain some form of media player for your cardio sessions. This can be a portable satellite radio or MP3 player for cardio that requires you only focus on a certain object. This can also include a small television set for cardio where you will be stationary


Variety, or the lack of, is responsible for the most cardio routines killed, along with many others things in life. Doing the exact same thing over and over is a quick way to turn you away from your cardio. Humans have attention spans, some short and some long, nevertheless everyone has a breaking point. Don't do the same type of cardio everyday, there are plenty ways to have fun with cardio


Without noticeable progression you're likely to turn away from cardio because the benefits do not appear to outweigh the costs. Progression comes in two forms, visual and mental.

Visual progression is seeing the fat leave your body over a period of time. You won't notice this change unless you take before and after pictures because you see yourself everyday. You'll never notice a day's change but you'll notice some change over a few months. Take pictures before you start your cardio routine and every month.

Mental progression is getting better at what you do over a period of time. This is running an extra lap than the week before; going another round on the heavy bag; or doing another five minutes on the stationary bike.

How do you keep mental progression? Simply keep a logbook on the duration and intensity of your cardio workouts. After doing a few months of cardio you'll be able to look back on your logbook and see your progression. For more fun upload it into a graph in Microsoft Word or Excel.

Read the full article here fun topic of the week

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SOA anyone?

Does anyone watch Son's Of Anarchy?
I am addicted! I love this show!
I love the leather. I love the big biker dudes. I love the love story/addiction between Gemma and Clay,

and the smokin hot steaminess between Jax and Tara. 

I love the bikes! I just love this show! Did I already say that? I am sure this season, will consist of the boys  sexy biker mens in hot black leather riding on noisy shiny motorcycles,looking for little Abel (Jax's 8 month old son that was kidnapped at the end of last season) and killing anyone that gets in the way (and those that just piss em off).
All the things that happen, good and bad..pulls me in and I want to be there, in with the sons, bein an ol' lady..riding the bikes, wearing the leather..
uh-hem *blushes*
so..anyone watch it?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Check out a review from Listen to the voices

I wasn't sure I was going to post this.
But decided I should. After all, how else am I going to whip myself into shape?
I am begining to wonder if I can really do this..the whole writing thing...
Maybe I need to rethink it..

Check out a review a blog friendy did for a chapter I submitted from my wip..
I explained it is erotic fantasy, but guess that didn't go through..I had to try hard to find a place that was pg-sh..and admitted in advance, I needed alot of editing.
But.. her tips are extremely helpful and I will absolutely take them into consideration.

Thanks Clarissa!!clarissa draper book-critique-4-untitled-by-sugar

I do need all the help I can get! :)

Sarah's Awesome Contest

Go check this out babbling flow extra-entries-to-win-arcs Sarah is giving extra chances to win books!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fit Friday

I know! I forget that I make myself a schedule then ta-da! I remember!

Today is Fit Friday.
A recap of the week and a new idea or lil sumpin on exercise...

I have worked out every day this week.
I have even worked out twice most days! I know.. I don't think I'm overdoing it..I just feel better when I do.
I have a quicky at lunch..with my gym buddy :)
We giggle and laugh at ourselves trying new things, but we do it. And we do it.. And ..yep we do it!
We have a schedule and we are trying to stick to it. I even made my handy dandy workout book to help. (see post a couple days back)
We are using dumbbells and bars, avoiding most of the machines. I saw an article the other day that said doing this makes you work harder. I believe it! muscles are hating me that I didn't know were alive.
We do our resistance training, our cardio and we feel good. We watch gameshows at the same time, it's awesome.

Then I may go to the rec center for more. I do cardio and more resistance training.. same areas, just different ways. I think it adds up to a total of two to three hours a day. I think I can handle this.
It is becoming a habit that I feel like crap when I break.

now for the training advice... (this is what I am doing now..with my gym buddy) it seems to be working..

Eat small meals, healthy meals..with protein...frequently.. bumps up metabolism.
Eat a protein shake an hour after waking up.
two hours later eat some eggs, salsa and low carb wrap..
two hours or so after that. fruit and cheese stick..
etc etc...keep going..
make sure you are watching what you are eating. Eating a bag of chips won't help :)
do resistance training. just cardio wont build muscle to burn fat.

check out this article from
eat more weigh less?

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Yay!!! More free stuffs!!
Shannon Whitney @ ramblings of a wanna be scribe is giving away some signed books!
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I love series. I love when great books don't stop!

run over and give her some love. You won't be disappointed :)