Monday, June 22, 2009

Scottish Festival

Posing for pics..

Twirling ribbons

Scottish music...

It was a fun day with Gramma and Grampa Whiting.. We went to the Scottish Festival at Thanksgiving point..There were lots of kilts (my favorite) and scottish goods..Josh got an awesome sword, I got an Irish purse and the girls both got spoiled as usual.. The bagpipes are the best sound to hear on a drizzly overcast day.. just like Scottland..(or so I've heard)

Another set of pics from a fundraiser...

We went to a little fundraiser that Walmart employees had for Primary Childrens Hospital.. Lacey went "fishing" and my cute little biker babes had fun with the BACA guys.. It was a fun day for us all, we got to hang out with gramps and it was fun. The girls got to "fish" for real fish, and within a couple days, they had to get more (the originals died too fast) lol...

Updates that have been a long time coming

Pics from Lagoon Lacey, Evy and Lexi in the back...on the new Dragon something ride..
Blurry pic Josh took from his phone

Lexi on the bumper cars @ Lagoon

Lexi looking sooooo excited on a "kiddie" ride lol

Lacey and her friend on "kiddie" ride

Looking scared on the haunted house ride.. lol

Aren't they so cute? Lacey and her friend Evy..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday at last!!!

Lexi's last day of school pics

We are just hanging out chilling today. Not much has been going on.. Well unless you count Josh getting diagnosed with Diabetes, Lacey playing baseball and the girls last day of school finally!!!

It has been ok so far, Josh is hanging in there, we just learned last week that he has diabetes. We are working on not letting him eat sugars.. that is tough since he is a junk food junkie. We will get through this, and it is going to be a challenge the whole family is up for.

Lacey has been playing baseball. She didnt want to play with the girls, so baseball it was. The team was sooo cute. She totally loved playing. There were 13 kids on the team including two girls. That was so awesome.. They played pretty bad at first but got the hang of it now that the season is almost over, they have tournaments next week. She is already looking forward to the next sport.

Lexi is no longer a sixth grader. She is on to bigger and better things in Junior High. Let me tell you we are soo looking forward to it. lol..