Sunday, May 30, 2010

another lotv giveaway

Here's another chance to win some stamps before you can buy them! new-stamp-launch check it out fast, it ends tomorrow!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Last chance giveaway

I love fairies!!! this giveaway is right up my alley :) check it out here Thanks from LOTV.. I would love to win these fairy stamps :) You have until midnight tonight to enter..

Another giveaway...lotv More stamps!!! liliofthevalleythursdaychallenge A set of new stamps!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I need your help blogimunity

I has come to my  attention that I can't seem to find a fitting name for my "oh so sexy, gentle, caring, witty, smart, protecting, hunk of man meat" character that fits him like a tight t-shirt.
I am asking for some help friendsies.. I need something that rolls off the tongue, something that defines but isn't a cliche'd name... I need something original but not shall I say, stupid?

Any ideas?

If I get a bunch, I'll try to put up a poll..maybe add a prize for the winning name giver :)

I also forgot to add...the story is current..if that helps My MC is Irish, living in NY.. He is, well..not sure..from another land or something..idk bout that yet.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm so excited!!

Omg so I'm watching American Idol and my fav Alanis Morissette is singing my alltime favorite song!!!!!! I love her!!!!

Ok..back to what I was going to say...

I signed up for a totally coooool writers group thingy through my new friend waterytart she rocks! starts June first, and the goal is to write 50,000 words in your wip ( I think) by the end of June..check it out here.. *eek*
 I'm kinda scared..but so excited to think I have a challenge, I can do it, and maybe I'll just have most of my first novel done by the end of the month! *gasp*
 I might actually finish something!! I know!

I have a couple days to prepare, but since it is my first time of doing something like this.. I don't really know what to expect, so not sure how to prepare, exactly..

I am grateful to all my new friends I've met her in blogiverse..It has been a blast so far! Thank you all for guiding me, and the wonderful advice you offer so readily!

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Card made for Townscrapper :)

Here is a card I just made with my new Victoria Case stamp from The Townscrapper!! Thanks Phebe!

Monday, May 24, 2010

another tribute to my mama and WTF??!!

I got another tat Friday. My yellow rose was my mom's favorite flower and now I got a beautiful little hummingbird, her favorite bird. She had hummingbirds everywhere. I know it isn't finished, I am putting a fairy on it in July, so it looks a little undone..but it will work out :)

thanks Josh @ Loyalty Tattoos!!! He is awesome!!

It's almost June! WTF??!!!

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here is an awesome giveaway from victoriacasestamps to celebrate a new release!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Yay Monday!

I have lot of pictures to share..
I cleaned my "scrap room" this weekend..Well. started it, anyways.. Here is the before..

Here's the after...
Not too bad.. Then I used my scraps (my overflowing folder of scraps, that takes up a whole shelf) and made tags and circles.. The circles are to make lollipop flowers.. I love these new lil things! Here are some Lollipop flowers...

they are so easy to make..
So I used all my scraps for things I can use..then gave the rest to the kidlets.

Before that..the fam went to a Renaissance Festival.. It was so much fun! There were pirates, fairies, kings, queens, etc etc.. We had a blast! Josh and I got Knighted..

By James and Elizabeth of Scottland :)

Then we went to a Joust..

Prince Killum of Scottland :) Yummy..

We got a piece of the broken Lance.. donated to the care and maintanance of the Horses, which I loved!

We got some pics with Capt'n Jack...

We played with the Fairy folk...

My little fairy got caught in a net by the Fairy catcher!

We got taken to the Stockade...

Yeah..and dad had no idea what "trollup" meant when he put it

The townsfolk were loving making Josh sing to be released.. Lol.. He made him sing Twinkle Twinkle!

It was such a great day!

Then after all that.. we drove the hour or so to Idaho and grabbed some lottery tickets!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pay it forward

A wonderful friend over at B. Miller Fiction is having a contest. It is based on paying it forward. do something good for someone else, and when they ask how they can repay you..tell them, simply pay it forward. Carry on the good deed. Expect nothing in return, but the promise of ongoing goodness. I love it!
Go Check it out! I have it linked on my sidebar also.

Since I'm still not feeling too well today, (good food poisoning the other day and can barely function still) Im not going to be able to fully enjoy it..but perhaps this weekend.
We are having a Renaissance festival here..and I am sooo there! Tomorrow anyway... I will get lots of pictures, promise. I thought my camera was broken, but turns out, hopefully, just had bad batteries. Hopefully the new batts will help..if not..I'm getting a new camera :) something good and let everyone know about it :)

Another contest from ABC Toys!!!!
Martha Stewart giveaway

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's a card I made

I made another card for priscillastyles challenge 

Internal conflict blog fest

I totally forgot that I had signed up for Alli's Internal conflict blogfest and it was starting today! Sorry dears!! I think this may be a little of an internal conflict, though, the more experienced writers-please correct me if I'm wrong...
It is most definately unedited and there are a TON of things that need changing and polishing..but here is a lil snippet from my wip... I'm so nervous to share but this is what happens when one forgets her obligations :) this is the "pg13" part of the story, the rest is xxx :)

I walked into my kitchen the next morning sleepy and disoriented. Starting some coffee I sat at my small kitchen table looking around. Something seemed off. Then I spotted it. The little purple fairy. Stunned I froze my gaze on it. It stared back. For a long moment no one moved or spoke. I tried to wrap my mind around this little being standing in my kitchen. After an even longer moment of silence the little creature spoke.” Aislinn, my name is ---, and I have been sent to show you your powers. You are a powerful---- and you need to come home to defeat---“ it’s voice was soft and melancholy.

“Ok, back up a minute” I exclaimed. “ I’m what and I need to defeat who and how?” I was floored. This was the second time it told me I had powers or some nonsense like that. Maybe I am still dreaming I thought. Pinching my cheeks just to make sure. “Well, I’m awake” I whispered rubbing my sore flesh. “ok little friend, if that’s what you are, Let’s go over this again”. I am a ----. Ok. I have always been a practicing witch, a hedgewitch in fact, but I never knew I actually had some sort of calling or reason for it. “So whats the story”? I inquired. “I mean, how can you prove to me that what you are telling me is true?” The little fairy smiled in that most stunning way. She replied with telling me all about---- and how----has stolen the -----and he is using it against the land. “ok, this sounds like a lot of fun and all, but I’m not who you need. I have a life here and I am by no means powerful enough to take over this guy”.

The fairy closed her eyes and seemed to conjure a vision right there, in the middle of my kitchen. It was a projection of what looked like some enchanting meadow. Lovely, colorful butterflies fluttering about, light green grasses shifting in the wind. It all looked and almost felt peaceful. Small animals scurried by, scampering and scuttling to their own pace. I was lost in the magic of it all. All of a sudden the tranquility was shattered. A black cloud of evil surrounded the meadow. Thunder boomed and the creatures scattered. They sky turned gray and the grass instantly wilted then brittled. The cloud seemed to leave a path of destruction in its wake. It destroyed the beauty and life of the wondrous place within seconds. As the vision faded, the little fairies eyes filled with tears and she bowed her head. I took a breath and sat stunned.

For a few minutes I contemplated this new information. Letting it fill my head and heart. I could really be a priestess so powerful to stop something like what I just saw and not know it? As if she read my thoughts, the fairy came over and grabbed my hand. Her pleading eyes fixed on me she whispered that I had been born in to the most powerful family of high priestesses and shamans. The lines run deep. Your family is nobility among Ireland’s magical society. “Why hadn’t I known about this?” I begged. “your parents tried to keep this secret from you to keep harm away. They tried to protect you from any danger that could befall you. They wanted you to have a normal life. “

“They had many enemies and just as many friends and allies. They were a beloved part of the community and didn’t want harm to come your way.”

“You said that already” I replied. She bowed her head and folded her tiny arms against her brilliant purple gown. “What harm do you keep talking about?” “Does it have anything to do with what you just showed me? With my parent’s death?” The creature’s eyes glistened up at me. The sorrow in them was heartbreaking. She didn’t have to answer, I knew. My parents had been murdered and it had something to do with magic. Something that was now carried on to me. My heart dropped.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My vitamins

I just wanted to share my vitamin intake with ya!
I always forget to take em, so I made it my goal to take them every day, since I have noticed I feel like crap and it's prolly because I haven't been taking my stuffs.
I went  to the rec center, rode the bike for 20 minutes and then took an hour step class.. lemme tell ya..I was the only one there that hadn't taken one before, and you could tell. I was so confused and trying to keep up with the 100 pound ball of energy in front of me, trying not to trip over the damn step thing and make myself look like an ass, trying even harder not to pass out, and it went on and on...
BUT, I bet I burned a zillion calories! Ok it seems it was only 750.. but 750!! Saweet!!
I hope I can keep going to at least two classes a week, may not be step every time, but something :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday updates

Yep. It's Monday.
I accomplished alot in my "scraproom" this weekend. Got some challenges done, did some organizing...I would take pics, but my camera is broke. I hope I can exchange it..
I took all my lil plants outside and made my patio pretty, well, sort of.. I realize I have way more room than I thought for my fairy garden, so I need more! lol.. I'll try to get some pics up soon, I know I've been saying that, but I forget.
I got absolutely no writing done. I'm ok with that. I'll catch up this week, Ive got tons more submissions to write, and have to finish my novel. It must be an A.D.D/ Ocd thing to have fiftybazillion things going on at once and the need to finish them all asap!
We had a great mother's day. I got totally spoiled, My oldest (with help from daddy) got me some wonderful wiccan books, and a "truth fairy" pendulum set. I am so excited to use it!
The little one got me a cup and saucer set with '"World's greatest Mom" and they both got me a snow globe with their pics in it,,
Hubsters even got me a gift! I know right? A new workout outfit! Woohoo!! Luv him!!

Not much else happening..
Oh I lost almost two pounds last week!! My goal this week is to take my vitamins every day..Let's see if I can do it..Day one, halfway done. :)

Have a great day!!

another card

I made this one for priscillastyles challenge

Pink n purple

Here's a card I made to enter in townscrapper's challenge

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming on my randomness shortly. lol. I've always wanted to say that.
I loved participating in the A to Z blog challenge. It was so much fun, I met tons of new friends (yes, everyone is a friend that I come into contact with) Found lots of new followers, that I hope will stick around for some more fun, and just had a blast. It was challenging to come up with topics every day, but when you're random, like me, it's easy to do.  Wow. That totally made no sense.

I finally got a membership to my local Rec center, so the kidlets can swim and mommy can exercise. We went. I tried the spinning bike first. First of all, let me tell you...these machines are awesome! Users can hook up ipods, mp3 players, etc to the machines and sync to them. Pretty neato!
 I spinned for 15 minutes before my ass was screaming for me to get off the blasted bike seat! yeah..I need padded shorts.
Then I wandered over to this elliptical, stepper, something or other machine. It was sweet once I figured out how to work it. It had different stride lengths depending on how fast or slow you wanted to go.. I lasted 20 minutes.
I found the regular elliptical and lasted 30 minutes on this. Much easier, and still sweat inducing :)
Finally I ended up on the treadmill.. this I can do. Turned up the ipod-a-reno and walked for 30 more minutes before my back, sides, boobs and legs were all preparing for a strike.
I'm loving this new place, other than the 20 something, blonde, 50 pound, barbie dolls walking beside me.
Eh well.. At least I'm tryin.
The great part about this place, is, I can see my kiddos swimming from the machines. That is a great help to mommy's nerves. And they can see me of course, giggles and waves every few minutes, made me feel better about abandoning them to the fun.
I'm thinkin three times a week, at the least. Then I may be brave enough to try some classes.

Now I've got my slim-fast shakes, healthy snacks and sore muscles to keep me going this week. Let's see how much damage I can do.