Monday, February 14, 2011

wow it's been a while

Happy Love day!!

Hope you are all enjoying it!!

I'm resisting the goodies around and thinking of my yummy dinner tonight :)

We did some fun stuff this weekend. I actually got my hunkaman hubster off the couch and to the gym on Sunday.. I know.. first time in 15ish years!
It was sooo fun with him there next to me, gettin sweaty, working on those muscles.. uh hem.. sorry I'll keep it pg..

 yummy huh?

Here's kidlet number one with a cuuute lil bear and some chocolates from daddykins..
 and kidlet number two.. ah she looks so innocent huh?

Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday stuff

Just wanted to share a couple things..

This weekend was good. Chilled at home.. got caught up on laundry woohoo!!
I know, the exciting world of mom's lol

I took kidlet number two ice skating (well she skated, I ellipticalled)
She loved it! She didn't care how many times she fell.. she just kept going..

then the game was on.. I didn't really get into it.. so I spent the day cooking and cleaning blah..

At half time I decided it was walk time.. so I took my fluffykins..

I don't have a flash on my phone.. so it's not the best pic.. but you can still see he is the cutest puppy ever! lol

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sharing time

I had to get a new lunchbox, since my old one got thrown away... But guess what?
Its pink.

Oh and I got these new cute pencils.. Just because..
Aren't they cute?

 We had a blast on hubbys b-day..

My sexy hubby and his bro.. There are alot of pics I can't post anywhere..well.. and not get in trouble :)
Staying up till after 6 am is not so good for us old folks..but it was such a great time.. Can't wait to do it again..

A also had to smile.. My mother in law told me I look wonderful! That made me smile all day!!  :)