Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School!

After a loooong summer, the girls finally got to go back to school!! Lexi started junior high and Lacey went to third grade.. Both schools are under construction, so there are lots of obsticles for them to get through this year..

Lexi's morning...
After saying how she was embarrased that I wanted to take pictures,, I clicked a couple anyways.. lol.

 then her locker didnt work again, so the school had to come help the girls out..

And she Loves her shoes, so I had to take a picture
Kinda makes me feel old..since I wore pretty much the same ones at that age...
After school, the phone call was.."well.. we survived" lol She's so big.

Lacey's morning...

The front of the school is basically gone, so everyone has to go in through one door..How crazy.. lol

She wanted this outfit and it fits.. she is very loud so it is perfect!
This was really the only place to get a pic in front of the school, since the front is gone... lol
So after the day was finally over, it turned out to be a great day for the kids. They had tons of fun and had classes with friends from last year.

Whew...we can breathe now. woohoo!

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*The_Fisher_Family* said...

YAY for JR High :) !!! let the drama begin (I am sorry) Congrats on get them to school and taking pictures got to love being the crazy mom taking pictures I hope Rylee wont be embarrassed I might have to send the camera with her-- :( I still get kisses at the bus stop :)