Tuesday, August 16, 2011

being a grown up

it starts today..
growing up

I met with a home builder today
he will help us fix our credit
we have to pay alot of money
to do this
we have to pay off everything that is valid on our report...
we have to save a lot of money
for the down payment

it is going to be alot of hard work
but that's part of being an adult right?

I have been dying to have my own home for years.
today is the day we start working towards that goal.

wish us luck.
any fundraisers you could send my way?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sometimes being an adult sucks...

Sugar said...

yes it does.. but I seriously couldn't sleep last night.. just like my birthday.. I was so excited to get started!

anthony stemke said...

Times are tough, this is no time to be an adult.
Fundraisers? Many young adults nowadays have them, they're called parents. CM.

Sugar said...

thx cm.. I wish I had parents..