Monday, November 28, 2011

my poor neglected bloggy

I am so sorry my poor blog.
I've neglected you.
I've forgotten about you.
I've ignored you.

I am so sorry!

I will be better soon. I promise.
I am super busy with my other blogs.. I will try harder to be here for you!

thanksgiving is over. which was hard not having my mom or dad around.
black friday is over! it was a blast! we got half our shopping done.. and breakfast!

now. just learning about yule and things.. keep me busy!
maybe you could send me a reminder?

1 comment:

JL Stratton said...

It's about time you come back here. You've been missed. And, I didn't even know about your other blogs. I guess I've been busy too, writing and blogging under my pen name. I took a short venture (some might call it a fall from grace) into erotica, but with one story being finished this week, I'm going to slow down on that genre, and do some more writing in the paranormal suspense romance area.
Anyway, glad to have you back. I'll have to follow you on your other blogs. Holiday wishes to you this year as we go into this season of holidays borrowed from many religions. Nice to know that the Christmas tree, such a strong symbol of Christmas, was originally borrowed from Paganism.