Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Monday Morning!

Welcome to my little blog..
For those that are visiting from Mrs B, thank you for stopping by!
For those that have been followers through my insanness (is that a word?) Thank you!!

I don't have much to report today, Sunday's dinner with the dead was great. It wasn't quite what I expected but it was still pretty cool..

We started off by having salad and soup.. I learned that eating tomatoes in any form was considered a magical act, since the tomato was called "the love apple" and considered a poisonous fruit that only Witches could consume.
so.. We had tomato soup. :)
There was so much to learn, I tried to remember it all.. But, after we were done, the hostess gave us a paper with all the meanings behind the courses and foods. :)

Then we lit candles, turned off the lights, and listened to poems, harp music and singing while silently enjoying the company of our dead loved ones. It was pretty emotional for most, there were tears and smiles, but everyone, I think, was spending the time they needed to reconnect or just be there with their loved one.

After the silence and darkness, we came back to this world with dessert. I did have a piece of pie, it was soooo good!

Here are a couple pics I took with my phone when we were allowed.. They aren't very good but still..

This is my mom's place setting. You can kind of see her offering I sent her with. The little cup has some tea in it :)

this is really hard to see, but in the bottom left corner.. My hubby's sister Tami. She is who we honored also.

this was a great experience and I hope to do it every year.
I am truly glad I found this great group of Pagan's. Everyone is so nice and open. Willing to teach a newbie the ropes :)
There was so much more to the supper, but I just don't have the time to post it all.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sugar! I just came from Mrs. B's, and I am loving your blog, which i am now following. Glad you found a group you love. I am still looking. Keep up the good work!

Alex said...

Sounds like a wonderful time Sugar. What a nice opportunity to take time to remember and be. I know I often feel guilty doing that, like I should move on and forget.

Sugar said...

Thanks Sushiq!!

Alex, don't ever feel guilty! I would feel guilty for moving on and forgetting :) If it feels right, keep doing it! I want to keep them in my mind and memories forever!!

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Thankyou Sugar for sharing this moving experience with us. My belief is that we all live on - in the memories of those we met and loved. We each of us have had some impact on the world, even if it's only teaching your children right from wrong. This is a great way of remembering and giving thanks

Mother's Moon's Message said...

thanks for sharing with us.. spirits are with us all the time... we should take more heed to their presence as well as their willingness to be there for and with us.... blessings.

Lyn said...

Just stopped over from MrsB - lovely post and a great blog :D Am now a follower!!

Blessings, Lyn

Nydia said...

Just came from Mrs. B. as well and I'm happy I did! Great post and a lovely blog!

Following you too!

Kisses from Nydia.

Divaeva said...

Merry Meet! Flew in from MrsB's and your evening sounds magical! BB

Hart Johnson said...

Oh what a cool ritual, Sugar. Sounds like it would be very nice.

mrsb said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing today!!

~*Rhi*~ said...

Sounds wonderful. I think I'll do this on my own.