Wednesday, November 17, 2010

before and after

So, these arent the best pics.. but I cut and colored my hair and had to show the before and after pics..
I cut over eight inches off, and it's still long :)
I colored it a dark auburn, but it looks reddish, go figure..

My double chins are almost gone yipee!!

n-e-ways... have a great day!


*The_Fisher_Family* said...

love it! I know where the after picture is taken :)

Hart Johnson said...

I just went red, too--I did two-tone-=-strawberry on top and more true red-head red underneath. Looks good! (I do this most falls--the strawberry always surprises me because I think I haven't colored it at all, but I think that is because it is how I THINK of myself, rather than what really grows out of my head, which is the uncolor)