Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you Vets!

Today isn't just about saying "Happy Veterans Day"
It is about knowing the sacrifices they have made, and make for us every day.
The months and sometimes years before they see their families.
Missing birthdays, first steps, first teeth, first dates and all the daily activities we take for granted.
 The children growing up without knowing who their mom's and dad's were.
The holiday's spent alone on soil unfamiliar to them.
The nights filled with sleeplessness because fear keeps them awake.
The daily luxuries they live without.
The funerals.

Everything we take for granted living in the great country we have.
Remember, they are the ones who make it possible.

If you do anything today, thank a Veteran.
Thank them for everything they do, and have done for us.

I thank you all, past, present, and future veterans. All my family members, immediate and extended.. Thank you!
My dad
My grampa
My sister
My ex brother in law (sorry sis, had to)
My brother
My father in law
My cousin (in law) lol
My long time friend and "lil bro"

And all the wifes, husbands and friends who have supported and supports my vets...
Thank you!!!!

Have a great day!

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Candi said...

Thanks, kiddo. Made me tear up. And no worries, I am grateful to him too.