Friday, December 10, 2010


So apparently I am not a good writer.
I chose first person, present tense to write my story. I thought, hell, why not be different? Original?
Well.. that is crap! :) I have been told it doesn't work.
Yes, it is harder to maintain that level for a million pages, but why doesn't it work?
I want the reader to feel my character. To live the story the same time as it is happening.
I submitted a tidbit of my wip to someone who will remain nameless :)
and got some great feedback.
First of which, first person, present tense doesn't work.
so.. I suppose I will change that.
should I?
I have been told and have read lots of places, no one likes it.
Ok. I will change it.

Then I love this!
I have adverbitis :)
too many adverbs?
*longer, bigger sigh*
I tend to show and not tell.
ok. I get this.
But every book I have ever read, does the same thing.
If not worse. *whine*
I suppose I need to rethink this writing thing.

I loved getting this advice.
I did.
Then I thought, I suck!
Moving on.
Yay for the weekend to let this soak in.
Because the said person, will take another look after I've made the adjustments and changes.

Happy Friday!


Jessica Bell said...

Um ... sorry, but that is just an opinion. My debut is first person present tense and it's going to be published next year. Go with your gut, honey.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

You don't suck - you just found something that didn't work!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, go with what feels right to you!

Candi said...

Sis, first person, present tense didn; work for that READER. Does not in any way mean it doesn't work for you as a writer. I happened to have enjoyed the chapters you sent me very much. Since you respect "Nameless''s opinion, look at the story and see if YOU think you can tell it better in third person, but ultimately it is YOUR book. Write it the way you want, it will be better for it.

Sugar said...

I just wanted to add, the person.. is an actual editor :) so.. a little more than just a passing buddy.. but I am not taking it personally, and maybe changing things up a little will help move me along :)

Jessica Bell said...

I'm an editor too and that present perfect first person comment is TOTALLY subjective. You really should decide on something YOU feel comfortable with. So many people suggested I change my novel into past tense. I didn't listen. I listened to my gut because I REALLY BELIEVED that present, first, was how it should be. And now it's under contract with a publisher. Go with your heart, your gut. If that tells you you should change from present to past, or first to third, then do it. But don't do it just because ONE editor thinks you should.

Candi said...

I agree with Jessica, sis. Ever read Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz? Or Rabbit, Run by Updike? or Fight Club is an example. The Time Traveler's Wife. House of Sand and Fog. Just a few exapmles that made a lot of money. Which means people liked them. If you can tell the story first person, go for it.