Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A quickie

I'm back from my little vacation..
I managed to not gain any weight over the last week or so, which considering all the junk I ate, is a miracle!
That is a good sign!
I did not get any of my organizing done that I planned.
My dad was in the hospital for a week and time was spent there, and after, making sure he is taken care of.
I am so excited to start the new year, with a fresh start on everything (I hope)
I can reboot my life and begin my journeys again.
Let's see how it works out!
I am going to start a new blog, for weight loss only. This just seems easier for me. I am not good at scheduling, if you haven't noticed.
I will have one for my family and random things, one for my crafts, and one for weight loss.
A bit of juggling, but easier for me to keep things straight.
so, if you are interested, join me on my other blogs, when I get the last one going :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope your father is doing better.
Reboot - I like that description of beginning a new year.

Hart Johnson said...

A new year is ALWAYS good for a fresh start! I hop your dad is okay and wish you a happy and productive 2011!!!