Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A quickie

I'm back from my little vacation..
I managed to not gain any weight over the last week or so, which considering all the junk I ate, is a miracle!
That is a good sign!
I did not get any of my organizing done that I planned.
My dad was in the hospital for a week and time was spent there, and after, making sure he is taken care of.
I am so excited to start the new year, with a fresh start on everything (I hope)
I can reboot my life and begin my journeys again.
Let's see how it works out!
I am going to start a new blog, for weight loss only. This just seems easier for me. I am not good at scheduling, if you haven't noticed.
I will have one for my family and random things, one for my crafts, and one for weight loss.
A bit of juggling, but easier for me to keep things straight.
so, if you are interested, join me on my other blogs, when I get the last one going :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


So apparently I am not a good writer.
I chose first person, present tense to write my story. I thought, hell, why not be different? Original?
Well.. that is crap! :) I have been told it doesn't work.
Yes, it is harder to maintain that level for a million pages, but why doesn't it work?
I want the reader to feel my character. To live the story the same time as it is happening.
I submitted a tidbit of my wip to someone who will remain nameless :)
and got some great feedback.
First of which, first person, present tense doesn't work.
so.. I suppose I will change that.
should I?
I have been told and have read lots of places, no one likes it.
Ok. I will change it.

Then I love this!
I have adverbitis :)
too many adverbs?
*longer, bigger sigh*
I tend to show and not tell.
ok. I get this.
But every book I have ever read, does the same thing.
If not worse. *whine*
I suppose I need to rethink this writing thing.

I loved getting this advice.
I did.
Then I thought, I suck!
Moving on.
Yay for the weekend to let this soak in.
Because the said person, will take another look after I've made the adjustments and changes.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So.. I totally failed NaNoWriMo..
I got a whopping 1000 words.
In a month!
I know..

But at least I thought about my story.
And I got that 1000 words that I didn't have in October. Right?


Maybe one day, I will get organized and on track with everything I want to do.
I have piles of fabric waiting for me to create things.
I have piles and stacks and overflowing bins of scrapping and cardmaking goodies waiting, well, screaming at me, to play with them..
I have notebooks and pages and pages of notes waiting for me to arrange them into a book.
I have a messy, unorganized, neglected home waiting for a mop and vacuum.
I have kids with birthdays, dances, homework..
I need to workout for at least two hours to feel less fat.
dont forget the laundry, cooking, and oh.. yep.. work.
and the hubby.
and the dad.
and that damn angry birds app on my phone that I can't put down!