Thursday, June 9, 2011

what I've been up to

well.. besides
not writing, (I joined in on BuNoWriMo) and haven't gotten a word down..
being sick.. ugh!
having family issues..
workin out
becoming a vegetarian

this is the fun part...

cute, no?

It was a just because kinda tatt..
next I'm working on my Alice in Wonderland leg.. the Cheshire cat is next :)

so...I'll be back with updates on stuff soon..


Ellison James said...

Great Ink! Hope you get to feeling better and work out your family issues.

*The_Fisher_Family* said...

Ummm... in love with this new tat so freaking adorable!!!! Way jelous (sp?) Cant wait to get mine just waiting for funds and umm thinking about where? Maybe the top of foot? or um back of neck or shoulder blade? hummm the thinking but N E WAYS my mama says your looking fab.. I am missig you girlys alot!!