Thursday, July 28, 2011

pics n stuff

I have more pics for ya..
it's been a rough week.. I found out yesterday that my oldest sister passed away. I am struggling how to deal with that.. not sure how I feel about it..

here are some pics of fun family stuff..
Lexi and Shaydee

My darling teenager!

the kids at Harry potter..
 sexy men mmmmmmm
 a cute float
 the girls' dance company in the parade
 if you look really really close you can see my girls..
 see em? In pink..
theres lexi..

 me n lacey
 at Lagoon..

my hubs @ boondocks
me n my teenager.. again..

Lacey being silly
 Lacey @ Boondocks
 Lexi.. gasp.. on the phone? yup..

 the hubs n his mom
 me n hubs @ Harry Potter

the kids being cute.. lol

 at Lagoon
 Playin games with Trina :)
 at boondocks..

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