Friday, July 1, 2011

weekend plans and my kitteh

what's everyone got planned for the weekend?
the celebration of our Country's birthday?

I stopped last night and strolled around a local nursery. I loved it!
Every little plant begged me to take it home.
I ended up with four different colored snapdragons, some little purple flowers and some pink somethings..
I have to go back!
pics will be posted soon.
dragonflies were everywhere.. following us around. I loved it!
I told Lexi (the oldest rockstar teenager) they were fairies. she agreed.
the little things that make us happy.
We are going to the inlaws for a bbq on Sunday.. yay!
I truly adore my inlaws. it is rare from what I hear. lol.
they have always accepted and loved me and I feel the same.

when my dad died, Josh (the hubs) said something that I will never forget.
I was sad that me n my sis have no parents now.
he said. "You can borrow mine"
awwww, huh?
so sweet.
and he is right.
they have always been more than just inlaws.

Saturday me and the kidlets are going to hide in the mountains and play for a while. I can't wait to embrace nature and clear my head. find some peace..all that good stuff.. I may even get started writing something. I totally flopped June writing with the group. sorry kids. I just didn't have it in me..
then we are having a bbq on Monday.. with us and prolly a bunch of teenagers.
Tuesday we took the day off work to have family day at Boondocks. I can't wait!
We are going to have a great weekend..
I will have tons of pics next week
cuz yanno I'm addicted!

Have a great weekend all!

oh yeah.. forgot to share my kitteh


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Have a great weekend! And I tend to kill plants.

Kallan said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Enjoy!

JL Stratton said...

Oh my, that "Kitteh" sure has a lot of teeth! I like the green eyes though. Happy fourth. You will probably be out in nature by before this comment posts, so I hope it was soothing and mind-clearing.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Awesome tat! I've been seeing a bunch of dragonflies around here lately. I had no idea we even had them around here.

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