Friday, December 30, 2011

a quickie

I know. I promised I'd be better about my blog..
but I have a good excuse.
Lacey.. the youngest kidlet.. had surgery last week.
 she had this thing where the growth plate in her femur is weak, so the top basically slipped off.
We've been taking her to physical therapy for her knee.. turns out, it was really this.

surgery to put a screw in to hold it in place so it won't completely fall off was called for.

it was kinda expected, but we were rushed in the same day as her dr appt.. so a little freaky tension lasted for a few hours..some tears.. then worry.. then it was all over. (this is mommy, not child)
surgery was an hour and a half.
before.. all wrapped up in warm blankies

recovery was a couple hours.

after.. a little loopy.. ok alot loopy! she was sobbing when I got back to see her.. this lasted about half an hour.. then flipped the switch to hysterically laughing and giggling.. talk about stressful for mommy!

she was then sent home.
she can't put any weight on her leg for four weeks, at least until we go back to see the dr.
so for now she's on crutches.

what a looong week it was!

she's doing so well.. she can get around very well and goes back to school next week!

so hopefully life can get back to somewhat normal.


JL Stratton said...

Wishing a speedy recovery for the little one ... and Mom too. Does she have to go back to school with crutches? That can be good or bad. I once let my big sister cut my hair right before a school year started. I spent the first six weeks of school looking like a geek wearing a stocking cap. Then, I refused to get my hair cut again for about the next few years. When I arrive at basic training for the military, they gave me the nickname, Jesus. I swear I lost ten pounds when they cut my hair.

Again, best wishes for your family, and for the new year.

jennohara said...

I hope she gets well quickly so things can get back to normal. We all know how nice it feels to get back to the normal pace of things!
:) Happy New Year!