Friday, February 17, 2012

Where do I start?

we've had so much going on. I need to keep my blogger friend's updated..

Lacey is off crutches and walking pretty well.
She has to go back every few months for xrays and then when she's 13ish for another surgery.
no sports or contact things for a while.. no biggie..

we got to have a few sleepovers with our great-niece! she is the cutest baby evah!!

here are some pics in no real order..

my darling hubsters..
 watchin tv
 Lacey with the baby.. she adores her!
The pretty princess!

 Lexi holding the lil diva!

My new bunny friend..
 My beautiful sister in law and her baby!!
darling huh?

the ny gloves my sister sent to my hubs.. he is a huuuuge philadelphia eagles fan.. it was pretty funny!

the cutest baby!

OH! My amazing, wonderful, kick ass hubby got a promotion!
A pretty big one!!
that makes our dream of home ownership that much more real! We will have more money to pay off things and use for our purchase.. and not have to worry about losing it once we get it!
eee!! I am so stinkin proud of him I can't stand it!!
He is my best friend and I cherish him to no end!

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