Thursday, July 28, 2011

pics n stuff

I have more pics for ya..
it's been a rough week.. I found out yesterday that my oldest sister passed away. I am struggling how to deal with that.. not sure how I feel about it..

here are some pics of fun family stuff..
Lexi and Shaydee

My darling teenager!

the kids at Harry potter..
 sexy men mmmmmmm
 a cute float
 the girls' dance company in the parade
 if you look really really close you can see my girls..
 see em? In pink..
theres lexi..

 me n lacey
 at Lagoon..

my hubs @ boondocks
me n my teenager.. again..

Lacey being silly
 Lacey @ Boondocks
 Lexi.. gasp.. on the phone? yup..

 the hubs n his mom
 me n hubs @ Harry Potter

the kids being cute.. lol

 at Lagoon
 Playin games with Trina :)
 at boondocks..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

lots of pics

as promised..
here are some pics from the weekend..
the hike with the kidlets..
it wasn't as great as we hoped. the state or someone has most of the places nearby closed off due to construction crapola.
but we got a lil mini hike in.

then we had some family time

Oh look.. Lexi's on her phone (again) lol

I know. my phone camera isn't the best.. but it was all I had :)

our country's b-day was a blast!

now.. on to our family fun day..
o m goodness.. I am exhausted from it!

random pretty flower pic

whew.. It was a loong weekend :)