Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Morning

Happy Wednesday!
I guess I grossed someone out with my last post and lost a follower :(


But this weekend, well the last fourish days, I spent off work..
I went through some pics and intended to get lots of scrapbookin done.. nope
but got lots of tears rollin seein all those old pics of my mama :)
ah I miss her

I found some awesome pics of the fam. I will try to get some posted soon.

I bribed the kids into helping me organize somewhat all the loads of stuff I had from my mom's house.
I had a giant cedar chest of pictures and momentos that my mom had saved that I managed to scrounge before we moved dad out of the house.
We put the pics into about fifty photo albums and the rest into about ten photo boxes. whew. that was alot of pics mama!! I love you!!

It is great to see what she thought was a treasured memory. Or just a pic of a wall that was too great to throw away.
She was silly that way. Never threw anything away. Ever.
But now I totally love her and appreciate her for that.
Cuz now I have all these pics of random fields and people that are complete strangers that I have no idea what to do with, other than keep them in books until I can think of something cool to do with them. :)

I am sticking with my new weight watchers plan, working out and all that fun stuff. I've even got Lacey to do it with me (unofficially) That is all on my other blogarooney here

Have a great day!!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife's mother has a lot of pictures like that - we have no idea who's in them.