Thursday, January 13, 2011

In which I share waaaay TMI

So I had a "procedure" done.
I had an IUD put in.
I was nervous before. Understandable. Right?

Psyching myself out for who knows what.
 I had  no idea what to expect. There are horror stories. There are stories where it goes as planned and done, no pain, no issues, just like that.

That wasn't me.
Of course not.
Nothing can be "normal" with me. I'm totally ok with that.
But holymotherofcrap
this was not the best feeling in the world

First turns out my uterus is abnormally big.
Then a little on the thick side.
so 'splains why the heavy tom (I told ya tmi)
which was the reason for the IUD

The scissors on the table look like they came from a stable or something. I'm pretty sure I said they intimidated me. Out loud.

OH yea... my uterus it tilted waaay forward, or back,  forward I think. I get confused.
so.. she has to kinda dig in there. That was fun.
Nurse: "you doin ok"?
Me: "yep"
After a few minutes of that I feel my ovary rip away from my body.
Frekin ouch!
She gets the IUD in and were almost done, then pop, out it comes.

So.. the nurse runs to grab another one.
The dr is apologizing profusely but I'm thinking, no biggie. A little pain and shaking never killed anyone.
I was shaking by this point.
Nurse: "Still doin ok?"
Me: "yep"
So the second try works. Just. Like. That.
Snip, oops cut me, snip.. the threads are cut and I am done.

Then I am asked if I need to lay there for a few minutes. I think I'm good. No worries. The pain is over.

this is the good part.

I sit up.
Look down.

Blood everywhere.
The table
the step
the floor
beside the table
That was the most awesome experience since childbirth ever, my friends. And I had to c-sections.

Aaand back to work I go, me being such a trooper and all.

A little cramping the rest of the day but nothing horrible.

I managed to get to the gym and have a light workout on the elliptical and then the cross trainer with minimal pain.
so far so good. :)

Have a great day!


Jessica Bell said...

HAve a great day? LOL. This sounds like a nightmare. Sorry you had to go through that!

Jessica Bell said...

Um, may I ask WHY you had this put in?

Sugar said...

lol Jess.. I did it because I have horribly heavy periods and very low iron. so dr thought it would help. the worst part is over *crossing fingers*

Candi said...


JL Stratton said...

Okay, I'm a guy so I really have no business saying anything but, those who know me will attest, I've never been shy about sticking my nose into other people's business before. So, why start now.

First off. The best to you for having it done. I hope it helps with the woman issues.

Second. I understand and, kind of in a second-hand sort of way, can empathize. My wife had a similar problem - extremely heavy periods, low iron, cramps so bad I didn't know whether to try and sooth her, or just stay away.

She finally had to go in and have a surgery performed (I can't remember the name) where they basically put some kind of wire mesh screen up against her uteral walls, then zap it with enough electricity to burn several layers of her uteral lining away. Somehow the scar tissue created by this minimized those ill affects. It did work but she had some cramping and discomfort for about a week afterward. Oh, and they had to put her to sleep to do it.

Best luck to you, and I hope this makes everything easier, and more tolerable for you. I bet your husband will be happier too.

Sugar said...

Thanks J! I know most men get icked out when we start talking about "gurl stuff" lol
and I do believe if this doesn't work, that is my next option. :)

jennohara said...

Oh my gosh! Sorry about all that!
And right back to work? Yep, you're a trooper!

Hart Johnson said...

Urgh! Sugar, sorry it wasn't very smooth! I hope you are a lot better today!