Friday, March 26, 2010

Gah I'm kinda tired n stuff

So dad fell a couple days ago at work and broke his lil hip. He isn't particularly healthy to begin with so the surgery was a high risk..but he pulled out great. Now he's having issues with his breathing and not feeling so good. But he's a stubborn ol fart so he'll be good as before in no time...maybe..
He hates the p.t. girl, she makes him walk.. He wanted to get out of bed n walk to the bathroom, but he has a (c) so he won't have He might have been confused prolly..
Now I want to share a couple pics of some really big snow flakes that were fallin in my lil area of the world, I got a pic or two after the dentist this morning.
Yeah so they aren't the greatest pics..but you get the idea. They were honkin flakes!
I also set up a profile for myself on to hopefully get a writing gig. I have no experience whatsoever, but a girl can dream *smiles* and if I can get a few extra bucks out of it..even better!


Gines "Party of Five" said...

Sorry you are having to deal with so much lately...ok all the time:( Hope you dad is doing better soon. GOod luck with Lacey tomorrow.

Dede said...

So sorry about your dad. Those are some big snowflakes! Wishing you the writing gig and some extra cash too.