Thursday, March 4, 2010

Interesting stuff for the day

I found this on one of my sites I frequent...
It is pretty neat..It basically is a quiz, regarding personallity and religious beliefs.. Here are my results..
1. Mahayana Buddhism (100%)
2. Neo-Pagan (98%)
3. Theravada Buddhism (93%)
4. Unitarian Universalism (88%)
5. New Age (84%)
6. Hinduism (80%)
7. New Thought (78%)
8. Scientology (78%)
9. Jainism (77%)
10. Taoism (74%)
11. Liberal Quakers (73%)
12. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (68%)
13. Secular Humanism (67%)
14. Orthodox Quaker (57%)
15. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (56%)
16. Reform Judaism (49%)
17. Baha'i Faith (44%)
18. Sikhism (44%)
19. Nontheist (35%)
20. Orthodox Judaism (25%)

Since I have no idea what the first one is..I'll go with the #2! lol.. It is a fun quiz, feel free to share your results.

Yesterday, checking our home phone messages..I get four messages, from "N".. for my 13 year old daughter..He sounded like a cute little guy.. such things as..."why won't you answer?" (a little whining) "where are you,. why won't you call me back?" lol..ah..So of course the first thing I do..
Yell for my daughter...of course I have to tease her! What is a mom for anyways? Ooooh is he your boyfriend??? hmmmm?? And of course she gets embarrassed... yep he is.. OMG my baby has a BF! Lol..immediately dad has to meet we'll get to see this cute little guy that just couldn't wait to talk to my baby..
Unless of course, they are like any other 7th graders, and he walks the wrong way down the hall between 3rd and 4th period and they break up before we can meet.

Have a great day!


*The_Fisher_Family* said...

Boy friends blah! Dont boys still have cooties?So I did the religion test pretty interesting. I have never heard of the top one on my list either. 1. Baha'i Faith (100%) but wierd thing is isnt johvas wittness a bad thing? Cause thats one of my top ones????? Not sure just thought I heard something bad about that religion :(

Anonymous said...

You can go to: and learn a little about the Baha'i Faith. In 150 years it has become the second most widespread religion on the planet - and that's according to the World Christian Encyclopedia.

The Baha'i Faith teaches that the human race has reached the possibility of maturing and putting away such temper tanrums as war and beginning to all work together for a better future. That is what Baha'is are doing all over the world.

The Baha'i Faith teaches that the founders of all the world religions were inspired by the same Divine Source and we can (and must) find common links of agreement between us.

Humans have an eternal soul and the purpose of life on earth is to practice our spiritual virtues so we can function in the next world (after death) that is soley spirit. We demonstrate our virtues in our daily thoughts and actions.

And children are the most precious members of society.

- dlherrmann

Watery Tart said...

Yeah... we're coping with my 11 year old son having a girlfriend too *rolls eyes*. Said girlfriend has friended my daughter (14) on FB and my daughter keeps threatening to squash her like a bug *snort*

Love this quiz... Universalist Unitarian for me, though neo-Pagan was #2, THEN I get to the Buddhists...