Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend goodies

So..after reading all the blogs lately with treasures being found..I decided to go thrift store shopping..oh I found some treasures of my own, woohoo! I got a really cool picture frame that I forgot to take a pic of..but it looks like a window, with two little "doors" that open up to reveal the picture inside..I am going to repaint it and decorate it a bit to see if it will sell on etsy or is adorable.  I really have no idea what to look for when vintage trolling, but maybe I'll get "the eye" soon enough.. idk
Well here's what I found so far for my personal "witchy" collection :)

My own "kitchen witch"
This little broom (about two feet long) was brand new, tag still on..made in Haiti. It has an actual branch for a handle. I may put a pretty ribbon on it and hang it in my personal area.. In is referred to as Besom. Used to purify, cleanse, and protect against evil.  I was so happy to find this little thing, I smiled inside for hours.
 I found (well hubster found) a great energy drink..packed with vitamins and is sugar free, only 20 calories for the whole can, lemonade flavor and  0 points! It is an AMP lemonade.. yummy too! It may be my new addiction..
Me and hubby went to Wendover Saturday for some gambling and relaxation..It was a blast.. we won a couple hundred bucks, not too bad.. the power went out for a minute at the casino, I have never seen that happen, it was pretty amazing how everyone behaved.. it was a great time!
Not sure what else to share today..
My plan for  the day..
two mini bagels with whipped cream cheese- 4 points
nutrigrain bar-2 points
Lunch..not sure prolly salad :)

working out in the gym again..woohoo!!
Haven't weighed in yet..not sure if I dare..

K off to work..
have a great day!

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