Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog hop

John over at dreaming in books is having a blog hop today. The subject is:
Tell us about some of your favorite authors and why they are your favorites!

My fav's..(where I use a ton of exclamation marks)

Kelley Armstrong..her take on the supernatural world is amazing! There is everything from demons, demidemons, necromancers and yes even ghosts! I love her series so far, have read three of them and can't wait to get the rest! The women of the Underworld kick ass!

Diana Gabaldon.. Sexy highlanders in Kilts..need I say more? Her writing is addicting. Her stories are romantic and believable. I read her Outlander series years ago and still remember it. That is how much I loved it..For me to remember something that long, well, it's a miracle!

Nora Roberts... Another paranormal series that is truly amazing! Goddesses, sorcerers, vampires...more of my favorite things..Nora is gifted with words..

I have many more, but just can't put them all here let's keep hopping..

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