Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ok so I'm already not doing well at this bloggin challenge.
I am tired. I don't have any wittyness in me today.

D..I think of that letter and Immediately think of..
I am NOT on a Diet..I am living a lifestyle. I am doing Weight watchers. I have a whole other blog for it :)
Doing ok also.. you can check it out here if ya want.

"Demanding Daughters"
do I need any more explanation? I have two.
yeah..I'm in trouble.
Weve already had our fair share of Drama.
That's a good one.. Drama..
with girls.. it seems to be everywhere.
Who is dating who?
Who is wearing the weird clothes today? (usually it's my kids)
Who Dumped who for who's boyfriend.. omg.. seriously?
I don't remember being that much Drama at that age.
I was a good kid.
ask my dad...I'll wait..


So.. I will have to get some ideas flowing for this challenge. I just don't think I'm all that interesting..
I will write some things down.. that may help
I may just have to resort to my awesome personality and creativity. ha!

It's gonna be a looooooong month kids. But I am Determined to do it!!

Have a great Day and happy hopping!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do a Google search - you'll come up with something wild. You should've seen me doing that last year for Q.

Candi said...

I remember you at the girls's ages. No drama? Ha! love you sis

Lorena G. Sims said...

Busted! hahahah...it's what your parents don't know.
Good choice for D.

Jeanne said...

I liked reading your post today and learning about you in your bio. I too have a son (ADHD) who is the subject of my first book. They are fun.

Jen McPherson said...

Funny. I too like random rambling at times. Excited to see the rest of your posts during this challenge.