Monday, April 25, 2011

underachiever and unbelieveably long post

that's me!
I had high hopes for this bloggin challenge..
I really did..
but life got in the way
and my lazyness..

I'm an underachiever..

I just want to share some pics from my day..
the girls coloring eggs..

the new outfits..
(dontcha love the bedhead?)

and bright cheery smiles?

I visited my pop's..
got the girls to kinda smile with him.. brats.. they think they're too cool for pics.. ha!

I made some cupcakes and treats for the gramps..

then me and the teenager went on a  me jog, her bike..stroll..
5.6 miles peeps!
I rock the joggin!!

saw some wildlife..  If you look really close.. you can see a cute lil dear..

then she walked across the street to join two buddies in playin in the backyards..

I got pretty close.. but my crappy phone camera sucks..

oh.. gotta show you my eggs..

cute huh?

till next time!


I think I found my dress and hub's suit for our Elvis Wedding..
now.. to just get the funds..

hot, no?


iZombie said...

things get in the way, and life is the best reasons... blog challenge is challenge...
A to Z Blog Challenge Participant
Jeremy [iZombie]

iZombie said...

oh yeah, those eggs rock... i could never eat them...