Friday, September 3, 2010

Fit Friday

I know! I forget that I make myself a schedule then ta-da! I remember!

Today is Fit Friday.
A recap of the week and a new idea or lil sumpin on exercise...

I have worked out every day this week.
I have even worked out twice most days! I know.. I don't think I'm overdoing it..I just feel better when I do.
I have a quicky at lunch..with my gym buddy :)
We giggle and laugh at ourselves trying new things, but we do it. And we do it.. And ..yep we do it!
We have a schedule and we are trying to stick to it. I even made my handy dandy workout book to help. (see post a couple days back)
We are using dumbbells and bars, avoiding most of the machines. I saw an article the other day that said doing this makes you work harder. I believe it! muscles are hating me that I didn't know were alive.
We do our resistance training, our cardio and we feel good. We watch gameshows at the same time, it's awesome.

Then I may go to the rec center for more. I do cardio and more resistance training.. same areas, just different ways. I think it adds up to a total of two to three hours a day. I think I can handle this.
It is becoming a habit that I feel like crap when I break.

now for the training advice... (this is what I am doing now..with my gym buddy) it seems to be working..

Eat small meals, healthy meals..with protein...frequently.. bumps up metabolism.
Eat a protein shake an hour after waking up.
two hours later eat some eggs, salsa and low carb wrap..
two hours or so after that. fruit and cheese stick..
etc etc...keep going..
make sure you are watching what you are eating. Eating a bag of chips won't help :)
do resistance training. just cardio wont build muscle to burn fat.

check out this article from
eat more weigh less?

Have a great day!!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've learned to eat smaller meals, with healthy snacks in between. Okay, most of the time I do this.