Friday, September 17, 2010

Fit Fridays!!

Yay It's Friday again!!!
I am getting ready for a realllly long weekend, woohoo!!!

so far this week has been great. Other than headaches constantly, I feel pretty good.
We had great workouts this week, and even at the rec center, I did a little more than usual. Just kicked up the resistance and added a couple more minutes and reps to each thing I did.
I can use heavier weights without hurting myself, and do more reps, I think my body is starting to respond to the routine.
I have lost another pound or so, making a total since I've started this new diet and routine to four pounds.
I didn't lose any last week, so in three weeks, four pounds is ok. I have lost an inch on my waist, meaning the flab is going somewhere, right?

I had a few fourth graders tell my youngest, her mom was so pretty.. that makes a mama feel gooood!

Eventually all this is going to pay off. Isn't it?

I need ideas for core exercises. That is where most of my jiggly parts are...but having a bad back, it is hard to do some of the things I see out there..any suggestions?? I use my ball, I do crunches. I do the superman thingy while laying on the floor..(that is hard to do while laughing btw).. I do the bicycle. I use the machines at the gym, but I need more ideas.. :)


J.L. Stratton said...

First off, Good for you. Yay and kudos. That was a great compliment from a fourth grader because, as you know, they have no tact or sensibility when talking about others.

For core exercises you will want to perform some form of exercise that keeps your body moving (even if it's low impact) concentrate on major muscle groups. Also, try and keep your heart rate and breathing up. I'm not talking heart attack range here but it is good to keep it elevated.

You might enjoy dancing to some of those videos or a television show (I've seen some dance exercise shows on television.) My wife sometimes performs these along with doing exercises to our wii. I find that dancing allows you to get the exercise and also the time goes by quickly and you don't realize how hard you are working.

Just remember to not lose too much weight. I know that, like my wife, you probably just want to be healthy and not have to shop for clothes in the big woman section but, ask any man to tell you the truth and they will say that, "while a skinny woman may be good to look at, a woman with a healthy amount of meat on her bones is better to feel and love."

Keep up your great efforts and lose that weight. Just remember to never let what you look like on the outside control how you feel about yourself on the inside.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Swimming exercises would be easy on the back. I've heard yoga is good for it, too. Sorry, I do treadmilling and weights, and those probably aren't good for a back.

Hart Johnson said...

The superman ones are ALSO hard to do with a pet walking across your back (especially a dog who keeps poking his nose into you--it tickles!). One of the core things I've gotten out of practice with are side bends with light weights--feet a little wider than shoulder width, slide one weight down your leg and pull the other arm up and the elbow (like you are getting ready to shoot an arrow down at the floor--slow and controlled, 2 sets of 10 reps per side. And the ALSO with the weights, upward rows--weights on front of thighs, pull up right at your body to your chest (elbows also up, holding belly tight)--the exercise ball is GREAT--don't forget just sitting, leaning back half way, and rolling your butt side to side.

You're doing FABULOUS, so keep it up!