Friday, September 10, 2010

Fit Friday

Yay it's Friday!
Just to recap the week..
I have tried so hard to stick to the diet. I only cheated a couple times and had a salad or an animal cracker. So not horrible.
But I haven't lost weight. None.
what am I doing wrong?
I am drinking my water.. all 100+ ounces..
working out. Getting the resistance. Doing the cardio.
I will give it a few more days..Maybe it's the muscle working.
Could they be preparing to burn all my fat away and find the skinny chick inside? That would be so sweet!

Today's tip is from
Making Cardio fun!
I don't mind cardio. I hook my ipod up, crank the volume so I am oblivious to the world and go..

Part 1

How Can You Make Cardio Fun?
To begin you must first obtain some form of media player for your cardio sessions. This can be a portable satellite radio or MP3 player for cardio that requires you only focus on a certain object. This can also include a small television set for cardio where you will be stationary


Variety, or the lack of, is responsible for the most cardio routines killed, along with many others things in life. Doing the exact same thing over and over is a quick way to turn you away from your cardio. Humans have attention spans, some short and some long, nevertheless everyone has a breaking point. Don't do the same type of cardio everyday, there are plenty ways to have fun with cardio


Without noticeable progression you're likely to turn away from cardio because the benefits do not appear to outweigh the costs. Progression comes in two forms, visual and mental.

Visual progression is seeing the fat leave your body over a period of time. You won't notice this change unless you take before and after pictures because you see yourself everyday. You'll never notice a day's change but you'll notice some change over a few months. Take pictures before you start your cardio routine and every month.

Mental progression is getting better at what you do over a period of time. This is running an extra lap than the week before; going another round on the heavy bag; or doing another five minutes on the stationary bike.

How do you keep mental progression? Simply keep a logbook on the duration and intensity of your cardio workouts. After doing a few months of cardio you'll be able to look back on your logbook and see your progression. For more fun upload it into a graph in Microsoft Word or Excel.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't stress it. When my wife and I lost weight together, she was so mad that it took over a month for her to drop a pound when I lost about seven during that time.

Clarissa Draper said...

WOw, keep going! Well, Alex, men lose faster than woman. I've learned that when my husband and I tried losing weight together.


Hart Johnson said...

What on EARTH are you doing that a salad or an animal cracker is cheating?! Keep in mind if you body thinks it's starving, it will compensate by lowering your metabolism!

Sounds like you are doing great though, so well done! I love the cardio stuff, just for the sake of it. I like it with or without music (though better with)--power walking, eliptical... I LIKE dance, but don't have a schedule that will accomodate it right now. And I find if you keep it up long enough, you are actually addicted. I don't necessarily push to keep improving, or SEE results, but if I stop then I notice... I am antsy and unfocused (and my pants quickly get tight)