Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ahh kids!

I'm just sitting here..watching hubster play golf on the Wii...listening to the kiddos play um..idk what they are playing. I see a dollhouse, and a littlest petshop setup something or other.. Here's the convo...
"dad can you open this?"
"you can't just pick this,, there is a house and I hate this big house!"
little humming sounds
"Put that in the basket"
"I get this house you get that house.."
CRASH as the big house falls over..
Littlest picks it up and they move on
"What is this?"
"its a dog, duh!"
" I get to pick four things"
giggles and more giggles..
nothing stops them. lol

gotta love em.. Right??

American Idol time, Yay mommy exercise with Biggest loser time!!

1 comment:

Dede said...

The joy of all the little giggles, those deep belly laughs, they are all wonderful. I so want a Wii fit for the winter months. The summer is no issue, but I do think it would be nice to exercise right in your living room. Enjoy your evening.