Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today's plan

Well..I found these new drinks that I love, they are Cascade Ice and the whole bottle is only two calories! yay!!! They are sparlking water with real juice. yummy!!! I have some yogurt and a salad for lunch. I started my new workout routine yesterday with my gym buddy.. with some confusion as to what the exercises were, I decided Im googling them today.
I am calling my dr today for sure to see if I can get shots or something in my back, I just can't handle the pain when walking anymore.. It's rediculous, I am not old enough to feel like that. lol..but the pain meds aren't helping that part of my pain, so I'm off to find another option..hopefully..
I finished my pouches for my crystals and tarot cards but can't find my cord for my camera, I will try to upload them tonight. I am so not Martha Stewart, but my treasures have homes now, that were made with love :)
Lacey had a great week, her teacher even rewarded her with a book from the book fair! We were pretty proud of her, let's hope she can keep it up. She is a little behind on her reading, but I'll just keep cramming books down her throat lol.


Candi said...

I have a new favorite snack...baby carrots and lemon hummus. you should try, I bet you will like it

Sugar Whiting said...

eww hummus? wtf is that?

Sugar Whiting said...

I like carrots with peanut butter