Thursday, February 4, 2010


So today I woke up sore and cranky..maybe some chocolate mousse yogurt will help..
Last night I was cooking dinner and had some visitors, so I had to take a pic
Sasha trying not to be noticed..                                                                                                                 
Max telling her " I hope she drops something"                                                                                           

Then I get to work and someone had tipped my bamboo plant over and water was spilled everywhere, luckily my mouse and phone still work.. 

Todays plan: yogurt and grapefruit for breakfast: 200 calories
Banana for snack 60 cals
Lunch: Lean cusine, turkey with stuffing and apples 260 calories
Dinner to be determined :)
going to hit the gym again, this will be four days in a row!!                                                                          
woohoo!! although my bum is sore from riding the bike yesterday, will have to try something else today. my back is still killing me.. made an appt with a specialist for two weeks.                                                         

Not much else going on around here....
I do want to find some of this...Shared by fellow blogger Jodi @ justanotherweigh   I will need to go on a hunt to get some..looks nummy!


spunkysuzi said...

4 Days in a row to the gym? You Rock!!!!
I can remember coming down one day and my bamboo plant was all over the computer desk. I wonder who could have done that??

Iva said...

your dogs are so cute!!

*The_Fisher_Family* said...

Max looks almost just like Kohdah I will have to post some pictures lol! The yogurt does sound yummy! Great job on hitting the gym- is M joining you? Dang people seriously if I knocked over your plant I would have first cleaned it up and the I would have told you- I wonder if was the J- looking for candy or donuts lol!