Friday, February 19, 2010

Kitty in my house! and my latest scrapbook layout

So, last night..I was making dinner... in the dining room, scrapbooking..minding my own business.. of course.
I hear a meowing at my window. Of course Lacey is walking by and hears me say "there's a kitty outside".. being the curious kid she is, she opens the door to take a peek.
The cat runs inside, down the hall. The dogs are freaking out, barking and trying to get her. Thank goodness there was a newly installed baby gate to keep them out of the kitchen..
The cat is terrified, bolts to my scrapbook area, where of course I have papers and ribbon and various items strewn about.. She runs across the table, up onto the kitchen counter and onto my stove! All before I can think "what a pretty kitty"
By this time the whole family is in the room, trying to wrangle this totally upset, panicked cat that is running on top of every thing in my kitchen. She has her claws out and as I grab her, she bolts and Lacey grabs her, she gets scratched, drops her, Josh grabs her, gets bit, drops her.. finally I grab her by a leg or maybe the tail, Idk at this point.. Im just trying to get this struggling, kicking, biting, clawing thing out of my house...
We finally get her out and she gets right back up in the windowsill..and meows!
She was a pretty kitty after all.. We make a trip to the neighbor to make sure the kitty has had her shots.. yep..we're good :)

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check out this artist! she is amazing..I have always wanted to be a princess..maybe she can make me one :) exploringeve.deviantart


Gines "Party of Five" said...

That is funny:)

Watery Tart said...

I love this! Not a worse combination than a freaked out can and a table of craft stuff! Makes a great story, though.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Love your kitty story, LOL. I have two of my own and can say they are not always well-behaved. Have a great day, Jane

Sugar said...

Thanks for your comments. It was funny, after..