Thursday, February 11, 2010

Something I dislike at the moment

I'm sure I'll get over it but...
I'm visiting new places, new stores, new spots..looking for that something to call out to me.. I am searching for books on paganism, wicca, celtic knowledge..etc... I am looking for tools to make my very own area mine. I know it is not "mainstream" but for godesses' sakes! I have noticed in the several stores new and used books, that there are vast, indefinite, unending rows and isles of LDS information, books, etc etc...
Then I find their idea of "new age" or  "spiritual" books pertaining to what I think I'm looking for..and guess what- one, maybe two books! That's it! One store I went to, I hate to share, but I have to.. They had a section,- they called it "Wicca" and guess what? One book..guess what it was- The Salem Witch Trials! Are you kidding me? I laughed out loud. The poor little man running the store probably though I was a crazy witch. tee-hee :)
I am disheartened, and discouraged with what I am seeing. I know where I live, it is the dominant religion, but seriously? How is this not, I want to say discrimination, but I know that is not the right word. *sigh* I've looked for stores in my area, my whole state, there are four or five- in the whole frekin state! I suppose my ability to just "happen upon" my special artifact that calls out to me, will just have to be traveled online. I just have a hard time accepting this, I want to be able to feel, to touch, to have the aura of the items speak to me.
I know I am whining. I know I'm looking for something that just can't be found here. I have to accept it. But I just wanted to vent.

I also just wanted to share an inspiring blog. I have been reading her blogs and I just love how she deals with life. She reminds me so much of my sister *smiles*  She has been on a journey of losing weight with Weight Watchers, and has very very great posts and ideas msbitchcakes , check her out. She is a doll!


Iva said...

aww thanks for linking an inspirational blog :)

Candi said..., babe. And I have 3 books for you on the way. they have websites and such where you can get your special tools

Candi said... it the tatoos or the attitude? I think you found my long lost twin!

Domestic Witch said...

Happy Valentines Day!