Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Highest paid writers of the year!

Omg Omg!
This is encouraging... right?

Forbes released it's list of highest-paid authors on Thursday, revealing that the top 10 made over $270 million in the past year.

Coming in on top is James Patterson, with earnings of over $70 million, despite being called a horrible writer by Stephen King. Stephenie Meyer, the author of The Twilight Saga, is in second place with over $40 million. She shares the honor of not being respected for her craft by King, who came in third with over $34 million. One wonders how much it hurt him to earn less than two writers who he doesn't think are very skilled.

Danielle Steel, who's written over 70 books, is in at number four with over $32 million. Ken Follett rounds out the top five, bringing in a mere $20 million. Dean Koontz is number six, followed by Janet Evanovich. Her earnings could actually rival Patterson's, according to Forbes, but a move to a new publisher following a disagreement over an advance set her back.

Bringing up the rear is John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, and J.K. Rowling, who's earnings have slowed after the end of her Harry Potter series.

So..does this make me want to cram as much as I can on that little keyboard? You know it!
Cept right now, my word is expired so I have to buy a new version (which is waaaay expensive) so I suppose I'll have to take my online friendy Hart's ideas and grab some notebooks and pencils :)

No excuses right?

BTW Congrats to you Watery Tart on your contract!!! Way to go girl!! I read your posts but don't comment much..
I do this alot..to everyone I follow...I need to get better about that..Sorry :(


*The_Fisher_Family* said...

I totally wouldnt be bugged if James wanted to share just one million with me :) Everytime I see forbes I think of that song " I wanna be a millionare(sp?) so freaking bad!"

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I just read about this on another blog. What does one do with that kind of money?

Sugar said...

I know Megs...doesn't everyone? lol..

Alex..I am positive I could find ways to handle it! :)

J.L. Stratton said...

I'm probably going to lose friends over this but I must agree with Stephen King with his thoughts about Stephanie Meyer, anyway. I read the first book in the twilight series and found phrases like "the light shone greenly through the trees" and was perplexed at how her books made through the first editor.

Then I read that, when she wrote her first story, she had a friend in the publishing industry that pushed her book throuhg in record time because it had been picked up as a movie. They wanted to get the book out before the movie was set to come out.

I know that James Patterson and Stephen King are both very prolific writers but have (like stephenie Meyers) made much of their money from movie rights. By the way, Stephen King's book on writing, titled "on writing" is very inspirational for aspiring authors.

I also love all the Janet Evanovich books featuring Stephanie Plum. They are all very witty, gritty, and fun to read.

Right now, I would just be happy to have something published and get paid actual money. I too, want to be a billionaire, so friggen bad.

Hart Johnson said...

Hey, thanks for the congrats, hon!

I think Patterson has figured out a SYSTEM. He is cranking out volume, which is a pretty different thing than any of the rest of these authors is doing. His ideas, an outline... then farm it out to someone else to write. I suspect Meyer did so well this year on movie rights, though I know she has written more books. Hopefully one day soon she will master writing *shifty* (I should confess that I usually agree with Stephen King on critiques)

I think my favorite fact though, is that Rowling is still in the top 10, even with no book released. She's my hero.

Clarissa Draper said...

That is encouraging since most of them write the same genre I do.

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