Friday, August 20, 2010

More body art for me!!

Just got home from adding to my body creations...I think I'm now addicted lol

I already have plans for the rest of my arm and now my leg!

It looks a little kitchen lighting sucks


J.L. Stratton said...

Great looking tat. very colorful. Did you notice that one of the flower petals makes a heart? I'm sure you planned it that way. What do the words mean? I could only read one word "siachan?"

Anyway, great tat. I like the way you've put so much nature into it.

*The_Fisher_Family* said...

It looks great! I cant wait to get my next and last tat. Great job on working out thats awesome. Next week I get to start taking the boys on walks while the older kiddos are at school yay!

Sugar said...

Thanks J... I have Mathain Siochan Leat..means Mother peace be with you in gaelic.. for my mom :) my yellow rose and hummingbird are tributes to her

Thanks Megs!!
I love walks with my girls! it is great exercise and quality time :) have fun..maybe you could walk to Bountiful lol