Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Forgot to check in

I totally forgot to add my Weekly weight loss post yesterday. sorry :)
I think it may be because I have not lost any weight. In fact, I've gained a couple pounds. I am still down at least 6 or 7 from my starting point, but not losing any more.
Let me list some of the reasons:
1. I have not stuck to my diet plan. at all.
2. I have not monitored my water. at all.
3. I have added bad carbs back into my shoveling food routine. bad.
4. Did I mention that I have not stuck to my plan?

I know diets only work if you actually do them. I do know this. So.. why can't my brain let me know that the skinny chick inside is dying to come out?
When I am sweating my ass off on the elliptical or treadmill, why can't my mind link the weight gain to eating crap?
What makes me choose the crap in the first place? I know better.

A couple good things this week:
I have worked out for at least an hour, almost every day. I have found, I actually enjoy it. I feel better. My mind is clear when I leave the rec center. My body is loose, which feels wonderful on my aching everything.
I decided I am starting over. Right now. Today.
Back on the wagon.
I am going to keep my workouts going. I know I can at least stick to that. I have added a new machine. Not sure what it's called, but it is kind of a mix between the stair stepper from hell, and an elliptical. It feels like I am getting a much better workout, and my sweatyness a few minutes into it, confirms this. *smile*
I can actually see some muscles under my flub. *yay*
I have lots of new and yummy recipes for South Beach diet thanks so much to Kalyn @ kalynskitchen. If you haven't been there. I suggest go. Now! She has the most wonderful information and recipes for losing weight. I am addicted to her site :)

So.. here's to a new week. A fresh start.
New, smaller, more immediate goals, one pound at a time.
Um.. Wasn't I just saying this???

I am inviting you to join me. Just email me :)

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