Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am thinking of something to get new followers.. Not that I don't adore each and every one of my friendies already following me :) I do!
I am following like a bazillion peeps..yet..only have *looks over -------->* not even 50 devoted stalkers :(

What can I do to make myself more, er, appealing?

any suggestions?


arlee bird said...

This is one the great conundrums of my blogging experience. So far the most guarenteed thing I've found is commenting on new blogs and following them--75% of the time they follow back. It is very time consuming. If you can come up with something that will draw a lot of traffic to your blog all at once that's great, but it's coming up with something unique enough to create a buzz.
Good luck.

Tossing It Out

J.L. Stratton said...

Arlee has a point. I follow blogs purely on the content I find. I think you have a wonderful blog and that you are doing great. Sometimes quality can upstage quantity. I think that, if you remain honest and true to yourself and others, your followers will (naturally) increase over time.

Plus I think that, when you begin to publish your work, many more folks will find you and follow. At least that's what I'm hoping for myself.

I suppose, in reality, I'm too new at this to be trying to give you advice on how to increase followers. I like your blog. I'm sure the others that are following like it as well, and you'll naturally grow in sphere of influence over time.

I know this may seem too personal but one of the things that interest me about you and your blog is that you are unabashedly pagan. That interests me because I'm one of those folks that don't seem to really adhere to any particular religion, although I come from a Christian background.

I would find it very interesting if you posted articles on the beliefs, and lifestyle associated with wicca, along with you memoir posts and stamping posts.

But, that's just me. I've found that posting articles and thoughts onto a blog is a slippery slope, and one runs the possibility of satisfying some while offending others.

Let me close with this. I like your blog. fourty-eight others like your blog. I'm sure that, over time, many others will find your blog and like it as well.

Sugar said...

Thank you Arlee! I just need to find something that interests people, other than my pups bum! lol

J: thank you so much for your comments. They truly mean a lot! I will try to do something exciting soon..maybe a post a week on what I am learning in paganism :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Maybe a schedule might help? Once people know what to expect on a given day, they'll be more apt to tune in and stay.

Sugar said...

Great idea! thanks..I'm working on one..My life is so hectic, I am not sure if I can commit to one....

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I hardly follow anyone cause I put blogs that are diet/fitness/health-related on my blogroll, which is my way of following them (ie, I see when they update and can go read a post every time I go to my blog.)

I also don't follow those that are not fully focused on diet/health/exercise. If a blog talks more about personal stuff or a variety of stuff (family, crafts, travel, movies, books, etc), then I won't follow. I specifically am interested in focused blogs to get motivation and see what is working for others. So, general/miscellasneous category blogs, Nah, I don't blogroll or follow.

The Better Idiot said...

Welcome to the challenge! Please remember to link back to the challenge page with either a badge or text link, and post outlining what goals you'd like to achieve in the next couple of months! Good luck with your goals.

Watery Tart said...

Sugar-it can be rough, and there ISN'T anything better than commenting and following others BUT, the other things I've done that have worked to some degree:

1) Begged my friends (I swear it worked--it was the first thing I did because I felt so pathetic with followers in the single digits)

2) Find someone doing it right and follow all THEIR followers--I have been shamelessly following Elizabeth Spann Craig everywhere she goes for almost a year now. She has really NICE friends.

3) Participate in events! Blog Events like Lee's Blogging A to Z--last Octobers NaBloWriMo, ABNA, any events that get you talking to other writers have seemed to gain between 5 - 40 followers--blogging A to Z was my single biggest surge.

4) TWEET with the hashtag #amwriting--the more interlinked your blog/facebook/twitter, etc. are, the more directions you have for cross pollenization (keep in mind my facebook I use is my WRITER profile--I have another--so the fellow writers don't hear about the dog pulling the table cloth off to get at the hamburger, and the personal friends only get the really big highlights of the writing.--these two populations are largely not mutually interested.

5) if all else fails, get naked and show man-butts *shifty* (actually, this has probably KEPT a number of people from following me, but as it is sort of... me... it is better just to get the offending out of the way right up front so they don't have a heart attack at some unexpected thing I say later)

Things I HAVEN'T done that seem to work for others:

*HOSTING events (I guess I'm part of hosting BuNoWriMo and that has gotten me a handful of followers, but it isn't AT the blog, so as a follower event, it hasn't helped much--lots of HITS though!)

I'm just not orgnaized enough for these things, plus the giveaways require money, which I'm short on (probably WILL do giveaways when I have a book that is mine to give out)

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

The only guarantee to success in blog land is to comment, comment, and comment again. Fact. But time usually gets in the way, right? Right. Ugh.