Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching up..

I have been pretty sick since Friday afternoon. I went to the gym, added more reps to my routine, and I believe my body freaked out.. I almost instantly started feeling nauseous, and icky..On my way home, I got sick..I barely made it in my house..I layed on the couch till bed time..muscle spasms, hyperventilating, cold sweats, etc.etc.. It was horrible.. I thought I was having seizures, but it turns out I just over worked myself. My body was releasing toxins and wasn't used to the extra exertion... I have felt fluish since but feeling better today.. Maybe by tomorrow I can get back into my routine..*sigh* too much,,too soon.. I need to remember my limits..

Today is the third anniversary of losing my mom.. I am going over to dad's to do some cleaning and pack up some more of her things, I will be sending packages to my sisters for dad as;ll be getting a box soon! :)


Candi said...

Love you. Sorry I didn't call, but you know. I miss her so much

Sugar Whiting said...

I know. I totally understand sister.