Monday, January 25, 2010

Weigh In day..omg!! Is this worth it?

Ok, so after my episode last Friday..Which I am still feeling the after affects some...I have only lost 1/2 of a pound..OMG!
This doesn't seem worth it..I almost want to give up..Almost.. but I won't..
I mean..I give up every other diet I've tried. I have to make this one stick.
Maybe it was the weekend, I know I didn't get enough water every day.. I know I didn't keep track of what I ate this weekend, which I admit, I had a french fry or a piece of cheese pizza..
Starting over this week.
And at least I didn't gain weight..That is a plus I suppose.

Today's plan
B-fast FF cottage cheese, fruit coctail 1/2 cup each 140 calories
Snack banana and yogurt 160 calories
Lunch: Homemade chili with pinto beans 225 calories for about a cup
Snack apple 60 cals

I will make it back into the gym, for possibly a light workout. I do not want to chance overworking myself again, it was soooo not worth it!


*The_Fisher_Family* said...

In my efforts to work out on P90X I have gotten the feeling like I was going to produce my stomach content but I never had anything like yours it sounds violent! I am sorry I am in your same boat except I GAINED weight what??? It doesnt make sense I have been killing myself all week so why no results? Well I dont have any answer but I have to continue I truely want to be able to take the boys swimming and I wont with this fat bootie so I will continue on my "journey" and hope that by 90 days I will have a tone thin body- who knows?

Melanie's Randomness said...

Losing weight is soo slow sometimes & it can totally drive ya nuts. I'm too trying to lose about 15 pounds. Its taking me forever. What's great tho with a diet is you can always start over. Good luck this week girl!! =)

Sugar Whiting said...

Megan... good luck. I am starting to feel back to my self..can't say normal..cuz, well you know.. lol
I think it takes our bodies time to adjust to actually changing.
We just can't give up! That's my plan.. no matter how many times I slip up..I can't go back to being the fat mommy on the inside too..
Melanie, thanks for the well wishes! I love comments!!
Good luck to you too girl, and day at a time, we can start over tomorrow and the day after lol!

Candi said...

Hey sis, remember that as you work out, your body starts growing muscle....which is heavier than the fat. the best indicator is how your clothes are fitting. Also, my doc says that people with our stuff going on have to go slow and easy. So half a pound is about right. No giving up, brat!