Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updates on stuff

Josh turned 32 Friday..He went out with the guys, me and the girls went to dinner and a movie.. Then Saturday I made Josh go to a hockey game with his hangover lol. We got tickets to Guns n Hoses, a charity game between local Firefighters and Cops. We met up with Megan and had a great time! Oh and the Hoses won!! Megan's hubbys team..
We went to Josh's parents for cake, here are some pics

Not much else going on today..Laundry, Wii..maybe some scrapbooking.. I need to get my self caught up and maybe get some stuff for sale listed on e-bay.. I need to try to make some Valentines things...

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*The_Fisher_Family* said...

I had a lot of fun at the hockey game just chit-chatting its strange cause I dont really talk to any one except for Dustin, Rylee and my parents and basically its boring lol! (mean I guess but true) Happy Birthday to Josh and hopefully he enjoyed his night out and didnt hate hockey to bad LOL The girls were for sure instant friends which is awesome! Hope you get to scrappin! I know I will tomorrow- I do have a new layout on my scrappin blog though if you wanna see it :)