Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part two of day three...slipped up some and today's plan

Ok so I had a great day Wednesday..followed my calories and worked out great...then I saw the brownie mix in the cupboard..I decided,,I'll make brownie-cakes..just pour the brownie mix in cupcake pan so maybe there isnt as much guessing as to how many I eat..I only had one I figured 100 calories...not too bad..then I saw the sugar cookie mix on the fridge..OOoohhh baking time! I made a couple dozen drop sugar cookies..I ate two! So another 110 calories according to the box..
Ugh! Well today is another day...moving forward..everyone is human..blah blah blah..
Oh and I lost my really cool radio pedometer somewhere..*cry* I will have to buy another one :(
Here's my total cals from yesterday..
527 b-fast and lunch..Dinner was two home made tacos mmmmm...corn tortillas, ground beef, tiny bit of cheese, lots of tomato and lettuce...305 calories..
Total for Wednesday: 1042 not too bad..
10 minutes on the elliptical
15 minutes walking
and some weight machines might help counter act my slip up..:)

Todays plan:
Taking a workout break since I have a dr. apt (my gym buddy will be excited to have this lol)

B-fast: grapefruit 41 cals
Snack: yogurt 110 cals
Lunch: roast beef sandwich, 12 grain bread, lettuce, tomato and 1 cup carrots: total 395 calories
Snack: sugar free pudding cup 60 cals
Dinner- to be determined


spunkysuzi said...

I have to admit anything with sugar is my nemesis!! Good luck at the Dr's

Gines "Party of Five" said...

You are right I loved the day off:)