Monday, January 18, 2010

Day one part Boggest loser diet

Part two of my day one on the Biggest loser diet plan..
I finished my day by spending almost an hour in the gym...10 minutes on the treadmill, six different weight machines, some sit ups on the ball, then 10 minutes on the elliptical..woohoo!! shaky muscles!
Dinner was: 1/2 of a chicken breast, some lettuce and some homemade salsa and some green beans, total 210 calories
I drank a total of 120 ounces of water today!
I think I deserve a treat...maybe a 100 calorie drumstick..they are just the right size.

Total calories today:957 and if I have my 100 cal treat...1057..
under my 1400 for the day, guess Ill have to find more to eat tomorrow:)

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