Friday, January 22, 2010

Day almost a whole week!

Today is going to be hard..I am exhausted..Hopefully a workout will help energize me some.
I had a small steak and salad for dinner last night so my total days cals are :1056..still under my alloted 1400...hmmm..not sure what to do there..

Today's plan:
B-fast banana 90 cals
snack: sugar free jello w/ ff cool whip 30 cals
Lunch: steak and salad with salsa dressing leftovers :) 320 cals
Snack: homemade tortilla chips and homemade salsa  100 cals
Dinner: tbd

going to hit the gym again to hopefully get some energy and work out the soreness of my body :)
Ive made sure to drink at least my 100 ounces of water every day most days I go over but I think that's ok.

still no pedometer, so I will have to find another one, which bums me out cuz the one I had was pretty cool! *sigh*



*The_Fisher_Family* said...

You better be taking pictures- even if you dont want to share them on your blog its a great reference for yourself- its easier to see the results. TGIF is right! Have a great weekend and remember YOU GO GIRL!

Lisa said...

Wow we are both learning tarot and about crystals and weight loss! lol I have lost 47 pounds so far, i have another 23 to go. Have you been to a website called very good weight loss website. I have a page and a blog there too. Lots of info. Hope this helps!!
Lisa and Rune

Sugar Whiting said...

Omg Meg's I have pics..I am just sooooo not going to post them, at least until I have a great "after" pic! lol..

Lisa, I love my crystals and my tarot,,I really have no clue how to use them, but just having them, in my feels good.. I may do some reading up on them today..I finally feel better and today is a good day for it.. It is the 3rd anniversary of my mom passing.. so maybe the spirits are close..