Monday, April 19, 2010

A bit behind

I missed a few days of the a to z challenge..
Here's to trying go get caught up...(it's gonna be short)

M- Mothers. I am a mother. I have a mother(lost her two years ago) I have a post later that I will share my tribute I made to her.  Mother's day is coming..thinking about what to get my mother in law..It is almost always something that makes her cry (happy tears) so..have to start searching for that. What makes your mothers day special?

N- Noticing things. I am a people watcher, I love movies and notice things in them. Last night we watched The Blind Side.. I happened to notice at least one thing..How in certain shots, things are different. Next time you watch attention to the scene where Big Mike is talking to Miss Sue.. The Ol Miss one scene it is facing another direction than in the next scene. It's noticable to me :) I always notice things like that. I suppose it's the brilliant mind I have. lol.

Have a great day!

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