Monday, April 19, 2010


Forgot O!

Lots of things for "O" that I can think of. Some aren't appropriate here lol.  Oblivious. I like that word. As a mom, I see lots of things my girls are oblivious of. Or at least pretend to be. Hopefully they are oblivious to the real world and how mean it can really be. My oldest told me she heard a story about a girl that was recently bullied to death. She was so sad for this girl. I have always told them, always try to be a friend to the ones that you think need a friend most. They never really understood until now I think. You never know what someone else is thinking or going through. Maybe that smile you give them at lunch will carry them through another day, because someone wasn't oblivious to them.

Obscene- This word is fun also. I am aiming to be on the list of obscene writers that get tucked away in the back rooms and locked drawers. lol. I don't know if that really happens, just my imagination. But you never know. What a goal huh?

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