Thursday, April 8, 2010

Card I made for town-scrappers Challenge (updated)

I wanted to enter a challenge (my first).. so I found this one I could do..
And Here's my card
The picture Didn't turn out how I wanted, but the butterflies are stickled, and there is a quote by Shakespeare "I do love nothing in the world so well as you"
It has a butterfly charm and lots of other embelishments :)


Leah the Orange said...

this is very pretty, Sugar, but where is the rest of the card? :)

love the butterflies and that quote is fabulous! thanks for joining us at The TownScrapper - now if we could just SEE the charm, you'll be all set to play for this week's prize! (did you resize the photo, or is this just a close-up?)

B. Miller said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creation!

Zoe said...

oh I love butterflies and you have created a beautiful card. So exciting to enter your first challenge abd wonderful of you to join us at the townscrapper! I wish you the best of luck. Hugs Zoe xxoo

Sugar said...

Idk, I'll try to get another pic..