Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q- um..

Today's letter for tossing it out's a to z blog challenge is Q.
I like the word Quiet. With two kids, I don't get much. My mind is certainly never quiet. My dogs are hardly ever quiet. I don't think I get enough quiet times. but who does?
Quirky- this is an awesome word. It describes people who are bizarre, freakish, off the wall, weird, odd, etc.. this fits the characters in my book so far. And almost everyone I know. I love it! If we weren't weird, the world would be soooo boring! What else would we do at Wally world at 11 pm on a Saturday?
Quarrel is a quirky word :) It just looks odd. It means to argue, fight. etc.. I think everyone has a quarrel in them. Internally or externally. most times both. I usually quarrel with food, and my weight. The inner me is thin and beautiful. The outter me is flubtastic. They quarrel all the time!

That's about it for today.
I will try to get some pics of my new plants, in their new happy homes.

Have a great day!

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Patricia Stoltey said...

I expected "Q" to be one of the hardest words in the challenge, but it wasn't at all. Lots of quirky words start with "Q". :)

But we still have "X" to go.